Why Did Alan Thicke Host Game Shows? What Led to This?

Why Did Alan Thicke Host Game Shows? When you think of Alan Thicke, you likely picture him from his famous role as “Growing Pains,” however, did you know he also hosted multiple game shows? In reality, he was an important factor in the high loyalty of the shows “Wheel of Fortune” and “Blank Check.” Thus, what made him a great speaker of game shows?

Why Alan Thicke Hosted Game Shows

In late 1970, Alan Thicke secured a job of hosting game shows in Canada. He was a relatively fresh actor at the time. Through game shows, his charisma and humor emerged and could be watched by a large audience.

His fame and the size of his fan base increased due to regular appearances on widely watched programs like “The Alan Hamel Show.”

The ability to engage with competitors and viewers, maintain a fast tempo, and improvise when necessary are all necessary for hosting. It’s possible that Thicke’s background as a singer and lyricist improved his stage appearance.

He had no trouble switching between giving contestants instructions for the game, adding humor, and encouraging them.

Game shows were a big partĀ of television in the 1970s and 80s. A well-received show may open up further opportunities. Because of his background, Thicke was probably able to have his own talk show, “The Alan Thicke Show,” which increased his visibility in the US market.

What Game Shows Did Alan Thicke Host?

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and explore the shows where Thicke entertained audiences with his wit and enthusiasm.

1. Face The Music (1975)

It was Thicke’s first time participating in game shows. It’s important to differentiate it from the later American version hosted by Dennis James, which was broadcast on CHCH-TV.

The idea was for participants to estimate songs by using brief musical samples and clues.

2. First Impressions (1976-1977)

Thicke hosted this CTV network program. The show’s idea revolved around competitors making predictions about people based on their initial impressions, adding a layer of psychology and intuition to the game.

3. Animal Crack-Ups (Late 1980s)

This broadcast early Saturday morning provided a tab of glitter to the screen of game shows. Teams of stars tackled animal-inspired challenges and questions, through which the show entertained and educated young audiences.

4. Pictionary (1997)

With this show, the classic board game was transformed into a life on television. Thicke’s gift of keeping the clues interesting as the contestants guessed their teammates was magical.

5. All New 3’s a Crowd (2000s)

The iconic game show marked a new beginning for Thicke at the Game Show Network. To partake, the competitors had to quickly reply to quiz questions; the rounds went on with more answers.

Other game shows that Alan Thicke has featured in include Animal Miracles (2001-2003), Celebrity Cooking Showdown (2006), and several others.

Final Words

Alan Thicke’s move into game show hosting can be traced to a number of causes. It was a calculated strategy to establish his reputation, show his abilities, and get steady employment.

It’s also possible that he just liked the format. While his acting career eventually gained precedence, his stint as a game show host remains an important chapter in his varied and successful television career.