Why Did Ben Affleck Do a Dunkin Donuts Commercial? What sparked the choice?

Have you seen Ben Affleck grabbing a Dunkin’ iced coffee lately? It might seem random, but there’s a story behind it! This A-list actor isn’t just a caffeine fiend, he’s actually starring in a series of funny commercials for the coffee chain. So, why Dunkin’? Read through to find out.

Why Did Ben Affleck Do a Dunkin Donuts Commercial?

There are two main reasons why Ben Affleck might have filmed commercials for Dunkin Donuts. First, it could be a straight-up business deal. Celebrities often get paid a lot of money to appear in ads, and Dunkin Donuts might have offered him a big sum to be their spokesperson.

Second, there’s a chance Ben Affleck is a genuine fan of Dunkin Donuts coffee and donuts! His appearances in the commercials are playful, and he’s even been spotted at Dunkin Donuts drive-thrus. So, maybe he just wanted to team up with a brand he enjoys.

Does Ben Affleck Really Love Dunkin?

Ben Affleck might truly love Dunkin’! Here’s why: Paparazzi often catch him grabbing Dunkin’ iced coffees. He even admitted to drinking one daily and feeling like a Dunkin’ ambassador.

Plus, in 2023, he starred in a funny Dunkin’ Super Bowl ad with his wife! While we can’t be sure for certain, all signs point to a real love for that Dunkin’ brew.

Final Thoughts

So, why Dunkin’ for Ben Affleck? It seems like a perfect cup for him: a familiar brand, a delicious pick-me-up, and maybe even a chance to show his funny side.

Whether it’s the money, the coffee, or just a good fit, Ben Affleck’s Dunkin’ commercials are sure to keep us entertained for a while.