Why Did Alan Thicke Write Theme Songs? What Inspired This?

Actor Alan Thicke was far much more than the face seen on some of the cyclic programs on the screen. Beyond his charismatic on-screen presence, Thicke became known for an unexpected talent – writing theme songs. This write up answers the question about why Alan Thicke chose to weave musical magic into openings of our favorite TV programs.

Why Did Alan Thicke Write Theme Songs?

Best remembered as America’s lovable dad in the popular family show “Growing Pains,” Alan Thicke was more than a versatile actor.

Less publicized were some of the sides of his artistic sense in the composition of unforgettable theme songs. Therefore, for what reasons ipso facto did Alan Thicke decide to venture into this line?

1. Musical Passion and Background

Alan Thicke’s journey into theme song composition can be traced back to his deep-rooted love for music.

Before his breakthrough in acting, Thicke had a successful music composer and songwriter career. The musical backdrop was perfect partner to what he did feel and now describe in the writing of television show theme songs.

This progression was so naturally evolved out of his passion of creating catchy melodies and sticking in people’s heads.

2. Enhancing the Viewing Experience

Theme songs of a television are very essential in setting the mood and developing a memorable experience of a show.

Alan Thicke understood the power of the music that is used in order to get the maximum desired emotional effect in a particular television series.

He wrote the theme songs in and contribute something special to any show so that an impression would be created in the memory of the viewer. Thicke realized that a well-made show theme song could be synonymous with the show, the two sharing an identity.

3. Personal Connection to Projects

For Alan Thicke, writing theme songs was beyond professional duty; it was more of an attachment to whatever project he worked on personally.

Each theme song became a musical definition of the essence and characters of the show. Completely capturing the very gist of a show through his music, Thicke folded in an authenticity the audience felt when watching. In fact, Thicke put himself into every theme piece, no holds barred.

Final Thought

Every theme song he writes, conducted by Alan Thicke, sounds to that symphony; the harmonious note’s buttress the stories told on television.

An attractive combination of musical passions led him to become a theme song writer in that one is capable of making a viewing non-verbal contribution.

Besides a successful strategic move to diversify his artistic contribution and personal identification with projects.

With it, Thicke left an indelible mark on the teleview audience, proving from the most unexpected talents, the most unforgettable melodies could be born.