Why Did Andre Agassi Switch Tennis Racquets? What Led to This?

Why Did Andre Agassi Switch Tennis Racquets? Andre Agassi has a reputation for his powerful groundstrokes and flashy flair. He was a champion who used bigger racquets. However, during a match, he famously changed racquets. What made him do this?

Why Andre Agassi Switched Tennis Racquets

Agassi’s aggressive baseline style and sheer power characterized his early career. He preferred a Wilson Pro Staff, a midsize racquet that was well-liked by pros at the day.

With their reduced sweet spot and excellent ball feel, these racquets gave Agassi the freedom to execute his trademark forceful groundstrokes. But there was also less mercy on off-center hits because of the reduced head size.

Oversized racquets with larger sweet spots were popular in the 1980s as technology advanced. Ever the inventor, Agassi was willing to try new things, even when some purists laughed. In the early 1990s, he started utilizing racquets that were larger than average, including the Head Radical.

The much enlarger head size contributed to the power created even halfway outside the center of the sweet spot. It perfectly suited the unwavering murkiness of that era.

Agassi would go for the racquets of a smaller head size within the category of the oversized frame, but this was in order to balance both power and control, and hence his racquets were not as oversized as some of the racquets in that category which compromised control.

He has also described in his autobiography how he could hit the ball more consistently in the larger sweet spot which made him more confident. This -kind of freedom came through his feeling of confidence that he would surely make solid contact.

Agassi got his career back, he could use racquets of bigger size. In spite of occasional defeats, he managed to win his first title at Wimbledon in the year 1992.

What Brand Tennis Racket Did Andre Agassi Use?

The Prince Graphite Oversized was the start of Agassi’s adventure. With a 16 x 19 string design, this heavy racket offered power at the expense of some mobility. Then he switched to another large alternative, the Donnay Pro One OS.

The turning point occurred in 1993. Agassi and Head collaborated to create the HEAD Radical Tour Trisys 260 OS.

Designed to fit Agassi’s aggressive style, this large racket became his go-to weapon for the following ten years. The Radical’s 18 x 19 string pattern combined spin and accuracy, providing a nice mix of power and control.

Agassi was not afraid to experiment with his setup. While keeping the Radical as his base, he experimented with string patterns. Before returning to the 18 x 19, he experimented with a unique 20 × 21 pattern.

Final Words

Throughout his career, Andre Agassi has used racquets that demonstrate his versatility and openness to embracing new technologies. Even though it was unorthodox, he didn’t hesitate to try out large racquets, and he knew how important it was to adjust his equipment to suit different circumstances.