Why Did Andy Roddick Start Playing? Tennis? What Inspired Him?

You’ve probably heard about Andy Roddick, he is the former World No. 1 tennis player. Andy Roddick has captured the hearts of fans worldwide with his powerful moves and dynamic gameplay. But the question fans are asking is, why did Andy Roddick start playing tennis? if you among those asking this question, then you’d find this page helpful.

Why Did Andy Roddick Start Playing Tennis?

Below are the reasons why Andy Roddick start playing tennis:

1. Early Influences

If one were to trace journey of Andy Roddick in the game of tennis, it would take place in Omaha, Nebraska during his childhood days. He got in the line to be greatly influenced and motivated by a then good tennis player, his elder brother John.

Observing the matches of his brother ignited the zeal in little Andy and soon, he found it incredibly difficult to keep away from the sport of tennis.

His zeal showed to his parents when Andy Roddick was at an age of six, who enrolled him in some classes at the local tennis club. Then tennis had turned from just a game to something very serious, as far as his affair was with Andy Roddick.

2. Natural Talent

As Andy Roddick found his feet as a tennis player on the field, the world discovered how much of a pro he is in the game. The most obvious observation were his exquisite hand-eye coordination pulling the strong, devastating smashes.

Having developed an interest in tennis since childhood, Roddick started its innings with junior tournaments and quite in a flash progressed on higher levels.

His raw talent combined with hard work set him apart from his peers and paved the way for a promising tennis career.

3. Competitive Drive

Apart from just talent for the game, Andy’s drive to compete played a huge role in his decision to pursue tennis as a professional career.

Ever since he was a child, he was an outgoing boy who was outbrought in a competitive environment in which winning is not enough but he enjoyed high-pressure match situations.

Roddick probably accepted challenges more than other people do and if he lost, every single defeat was considered as a growing loss. The drive to compete and be best at tennis was energizing for Roddick as it compelled him to make himself work to exhaustion, on and off the court.

Final Thoughts

With a combination of early influences, raw talent, the impulse to compete and some fancy thrown in, that summed up Andy Roddick’s entry into tennis.

That driving, working passion of his shot himself to tennis stardom. There have been the ups and the years of struggles, but Andy Roddick is all-in-all one of the top superior tennis players of his generation.

However, by shear dedication, hard work, and pure determination, he has been etched into the history of tennis and never really fails to inspire the generations of players across the world.