Why Did Anna Faris Leave Mom? What Led to Her Death?

Why did Anna Faris leave Mom? Anna Faris’ departure from Mom created uncertainty about the show’s future at CBS, despite Chuck Lorre’s determination to keep it going. Did her leaving end the show? You’ll find all the answers in this post.

Why Did Anna Faris Leave Mom?

Back in 2013, a popular TV show called Mom made its debut on CBS. It followed the lives of Bonnie and Christy Plunkett, a mother and daughter dealing with addiction problems. The show quickly became a hit, thanks to the talented actors Anna Faris and Allison Janney. 

They brought humor and drama to their roles, captivating audiences across the United States. Each episode attracted an impressive 11.79 million viewers on average.

Anna Faris had a huge fan base and received three People’s Choice Award nominations for her performance. So when she announced that she would be leaving the show after seven successful years, fans were shocked.

In her statement, Faris mentioned that she wanted to explore new opportunities. However, after a two-year break from acting, she revealed that she actually decided to take some time off to focus on her personal life. 

She enjoyed spending quality time with her son and found it refreshing to step away from the spotlight.

Leaving behind her character Christy Plunkett, Faris took the opportunity to reflect on her career and take a much-needed break. She admitted that during this period, she started thinking about her future and what she wanted to do next. 

The break allowed her to recharge and enjoy the freedom that came with not being tied to a demanding schedule.

Although Faris’ departure marked the end of an era for Mom, it also opened up new doors for the actress. After her two-year hiatus, she returned to the big screen in a dark comedy called The Estate. 

She played the character Savannah, and the experience brought back her passion for acting. Faris described the role as rejuvenating and exciting, providing a fresh perspective after her time on the sitcom.

In an interview with People in 2022, Faris compared her experience on Mom to the precision and choreography of a surgical operation. Sitcoms require everything to be precise and scripted, leaving little room for improvisation. 

The Estate, on the other hand, allowed her more freedom to explore and play with her character. This newfound creative opportunity reignited her excitement for acting, something she hadn’t felt in a while.

Did Anna Faris’ Departure Bring Mom to an Untimely End?

Anna Faris’ departure from Mom created uncertainty about the show’s future at CBS, despite Chuck Lorre’s determination to keep it going. According to an inside source, the news caught everyone off guard, leaving the network in a scramble.

The sudden loss of one of the lead actors was seen as a nightmare, especially since Mom was a profitable show for CBS during a challenging economic time. Nobody wanted this to happen.

Sadly, even with Lorre’s efforts, Mom only had one more season after Faris left. In an interview with USA Today, Lorre expressed his surprise and sadness about the show coming to an end. 

He believed there were still many more stories to tell, and Mom had a perfect ensemble that created both laughter and meaning. 

While some speculated that Faris’ departure played a role in the show’s cancellation, it later became clear that CBS had other reasons behind the decision.

CBS Entertainment chief Kelly Kahl explained in an interview with TVLine that shows naturally reach the end of their life cycle due to various factors, many of which the audience isn’t aware of. 

Although Mom was creatively successful and still performing well, the network needed to make room for new shows and maintain a balanced schedule from a financial standpoint. It was a difficult decision, but one that had to be made.

How Chuck Lorre Felt About Mom Ending

Chuck Lorre, the creator of Mom, faced a difficult challenge when Anna Faris decided to leave the show. Given Faris’ important role and long tenure on the series, finding a way to fill the void was not an easy task. 

However, Lorre, a seasoned sitcom expert, took on the challenge with determination and skillfully concluded the character’s storyline by sending her off to law school.

To keep the show going, Lorre shifted the focus onto the ensemble cast, whom he believed was the true heart of the series. He realized that the group of women supporting and helping each other was what made Mom special. 

In an interview with USA Today, Lorre explained, “It became clear to us that the beating heart of the series was this ensemble, a life raft filled with women who lift each other up.”

When asked if he harbored any resentment towards Faris for her sudden departure, Lorre admitted that it was indeed a daunting task to move forward without her. 

However, he and the rest of the team recognized the brilliance of the ensemble cast and realized that their dynamic was more than enough to carry the series forward. 

They saw it as a gift and embraced the opportunity to explore the relationships within the ensemble even further.

Final Thoughts

Anna Faris’ departure from the show Mom presented challenges for its creator, Chuck Lorre, but he approached the situation with determination and focused on the talented ensemble cast. 

While it was a difficult transition, the show continued with a renewed emphasis on the strong bond between the women characters.