Why Did Anthony Bourdain Die? What Led to His Death?

“Why did Anthony Bourdain die?” is a question that still lingers in the minds of many who admired the charismatic chef, writer, and television host. While his death was ruled a suicide, many questions remain about the circumstances that led up to his passing. Are you ready to get into the details of Anthony’s untimely death?

Why Did Anthony Bourdain Die?

According to his biographer, Anthony Bourdain committed suicide after becoming the kind of monster he vowed fame would never transform him into.

In an interview, Charles Leerhsen said that the beloved celebrity chef realized he was a bully, a neglectful father, and enamored with his younger partner.

According to Leerhsen’s new unofficial biography Down and Out in Paradise – The Life of Anthony Bourdain, it contributed to the 61-year-old’s death during a moment of despair while he was staying in a French hotel.

Speaking from New York, Leerhsen described how the father-of-one’s life collapsed in June 2018 after his Italian film actress partner Asia Argento was photographed with another guy in Rome.

How Did Anthony Bourdain Die?

Anthony Bourdain was found dead of an apparent suicide on June 8, 2018, at the Le Chambard Hotel in Kaysersberg-Vignoble, France.

Éric Ripert, a colleague chef with whom Bourdain was filming an episode of his travel show Parts Unknown, discovered his body. When Bourdain failed to show up for dinner the night before and breakfast the next morning, Ripert became concerned.

Unfortunately, by the time Ripert discovered Bourdain in his hotel room, it was too late – America’s most beloved travel guide had vanished.

Anthony Bourdain’s death was eventually revealed to be a suicide by hanging, with the help of a belt from his hotel bathrobe. He was 61 years old at the time.

Even with his enormous success, Bourdain had a difficult past. He remarked later that his heroin addiction and other issues that he had in his early years of working in restaurants should have killed him when he was in his 20s.

Although Bourdain was able to overcome his heroin addiction in the end, he struggled with mental health issues all of his life.

The Aftermath Of A Legendary Chef’s Demise

Anthony Bourdain’s admirers gathered at Brasserie Les Halles shortly after his passing to pay their respects. On social media, his CNN coworkers and even President Obama sent their sympathy.

And the family of Anthony Bourdain expressed their shock. His mother claimed that Bourdain was the last person she thought would ever consider ending his own life.

Devastated admirers questioned Bourdain’s motivation for taking his own life, particularly in light of his recent declaration that he “had things to live for.” Some even advanced dark theories suggesting that Bourdain’s death was somehow related to his candid opinions.

For instance, when Argento came forward to say that she had been sexually assaulted by Harvey Weinstein—a former film producer who was subsequently imprisoned for additional offenses—Bourdain openly backed her.

Final Words

Bourdain was never one to keep his mouth shut. He was an outspoken supporter of the #MeToo movement, utilizing his public position to speak out against not only Weinstein but also other celebrities accused of sex crimes.

While many women thanked Bourdain for always speaking on their behalf, this action of his likely enraged some powerful people.

Despite this, authorities maintained that there was no evidence of foul play at the scene of his death. Also, there has never been any conclusive proof that Anthony Bourdain’s death was anything other than a terrible suicide.