Why Did Austin Mahone Leave His Record Label? What Led to This?

Austin Mahone was tagged as the next big thing in music. Hailing from San Antonio, Texas, the now 26-year-old first gained popularity when he did a cover for a popular songs and uploaded it to YouTube in 2010.

Austin Mahone singed a deal with universal records at the start of his fame, but over the causes of time, it seem that he has left the record label. If you want to find out why he left his formal record, then this page is for you. Read through to find out.

Why Did Austin Mahone Part Ways With His Record Label?

The reason why Austin Mahone left his formal was because of the difference in creativity and also his desire to be free. Feeling constrained by the label’s vision, Mahone sought autonomy to explore new musical directions.

They didn’t allowed him explored his creativity, it was more of they wanted and not what he wanted, hence, leaving the record label allowed him to shift his musical style, embrace independence in the digital age, and focus on personal growth.

Mahone leaving the record is a very good effort in the overall strategy of rebranding a music career, very instrumental considering dynamics that have changed and come to stress a nearer connect with the fan base through social media.

What Happened to Austin Mahone’s Career?

Austin’s career has not really been so promising as it was predicted. He is said to have worked on great collaborative deals with Pitbull and R. Kelly on a number of songs, but the albums did not sell.

The songs completely flopped on the chart, which was followed by a bitter fall-out with his music label that plunged him into a new look.

He released a single in January 2023 where he was featured with Kid Rock, Jimmie Allen, and Fueled by 808 in “No Limits”. In February, he made another single, and the second studio album, A Lone Star Story, came out in June 2023.

Final thoughts

Fast forward in 2022, and Austin Mahone is pretty much nowhere to be seen, musically, at least. Later on, he had a fall out with his recording label due to the poor record sales and had to restart his career from somewhere else independently.