Why Did Chuck Kill Himself? What Unfortunate Circumstances Led to This Tragic Event?

In Better Call Saul season three, why did Chuck kill himself? There’s never been a better moment to reflect on Chuck McGill’s suicide than now that Better Call Saul’s last season is available on Netflix. The show lays out the reasons why Chuck, the older brother of Jimmy “Saul” McGill, died in a house fire by his hand.

Why Did Chuck Kill Himself?

Recognizing that pride plays a role in the question of “why did Chuck kill himself?” is crucial. Chuck took great pride in his legal acumen, knowledge, and general intelligence.

Chuck was also unaccustomed to defeat, so he was shocked when Jimmy was able to humiliate him in public as well as defeat him in court.

Jimmy skillfully managed events to the point where Chuck was considered a liability and fired from the company he co-founded, HHM, adding to the devastation already in place.

Although it may appear that Chuck had deceived Jimmy and tried to ruin his legal career, it is important to keep in mind how much Chuck had betrayed Jimmy.

Chuck started to come to terms with the fact that his illness was probably psychosomatic, but he was reluctant to embrace the possibility that his illness was entirely psychological.

After Chuck is made to leave HHM, he fights Jimmy one last time, seemingly severing their relationship forever.

This prepares the audience for Chuck McGill’s suicide. He’s already on the brink, and one last attack of his sickness pushes him over.

The last picture of him, sitting by himself in his home with his lantern balanced precariously on the desk, conveys the sense of a defeated and hopeless man.

Chuck committed suicide by starting a purposeful house fire, but his influence on the Breaking Bad spinoff persisted and improved it. It’s Better Call Saul Throughout the following few seasons of Better Call Saul, Jimmy’s storyline was shaped by Chuck’s life and death.

How Chuck’s Suicide Affected Jimmy’s Story’s Resolution

Naturally, there would be a heavy shadow cast over the remaining seasons of Better Call Saul following the death of a major character like Chuck—who also happens to be Jimmy’s brother—and the question of “why did Chuck kill himself?”

It serves, in many respects, as the impetus for Jimmy’s complete metamorphosis into Saul Goodman.

Following Chuck’s death, Jimmy starts his criminal career in earnest; Saul’s character is probably being negatively shaped by the guilt and secrecy surrounding his brother’s death.

One crucial instance is when Jimmy receives a job offer from Chuck’s former employer, HHM, only to have it withdrawn.

This triggers Jimmy’s descent into his Saul persona and resurfaces the blame for the Better Call Saul Chuck death, starting a protracted battle of pros and cons against HHM.

Thus, a pivotal moment for both Jimmy and the show occurred with Chuck McGill’s suicide in Better Call Saul season 3.

Consequently, the significance of Chuck McGill’s suicide in the overall plot of the show and Jimmy’s character outweighs the significance of the “why did Chuck kill himself?” explanation.

Final Words

Even though Chuck didn’t initiate the scene to take his own life, his dejection over losing his job and the reappearance of his EHS provided motivation and a chance to act. Although the other characters can never be certain, it appears to the audience that this is deliberate.