Why Did Drake Unfollow Bobbi Althoff? What Led to This Act?

Why Did Drake Unfollow Bobbi Althoff? While the internet buzzed about Bobbi’s relationship with Drake, people speculated about a potential rift. After Bobbi uploaded a less-than-flattering tweet about Drake’s L.A. show, followers noticed they unfollowed one other, and she erased their interview off her channel. So, what happened exactly?

Why Did Drake Unfollow Bobbi Althoff?

Drake unfollowed Bobbi Althoff because of suspicions that she had an affair with him. Although she didn’t publicly acknowledge it, an acquaintance disclosed the information, which sparked conjecture regarding the cause of their breakup.

Also, many speculated that Drake abruptly interrupted their podcast discussion with Bobbi Althoff because he felt uncomfortable and tense. Drake also unfollowed her.

Drake had their interview taken down from YouTube due to rumors of messages and advances between them, although she had gotten him as a guest by sending him a direct message once he saw that she had worked with Funny Marco on a video.

How Did Drake and Bobbi Althoff Meet?

Bobbi’s friendship with Drake in the podcast. The rapper loved one of her videos and followed her on Instagram, giving Bobbi the confidence to DM him and ask if he wanted to join the podcast.

Within two days, she and a pal were on their route to Memphis to record an episode with Drake. Drake and Bobbi were seen relaxing in bed together behind the blankets,

Drake holding a drink. Bobbi, as usual, maintained a deadpan demeanor during the interview and expressed no enthusiasm for the star. Still, they made fun of each other throughout the episode, and Drake appeared to be having a good time.

Bobbi went to one of Drake’s concerts on August 12, just days after the show aired. She posted a video of herself “in character” during the event, crossing her arms and looking bored as others danced and bounced around her.

What Happened Between Drake and Bobbi Althoff?

To the dismay of listeners, Bobbi promptly removed the majority of the podcast from all platforms after the Drake show (though certain segments can still be found on YouTube Shorts). The rapper and podcaster unfollowing one another was also noted by others.

Although the exact source of this is yet unknown, Bobbi’s admirers have surmised that it might be a PR gimmick for an upcoming event. Following the unfollowing, Bobbi hinted at a “big announcement coming next Monday” on Instagram Stories.

Final Words

Bobbi Althoff is facing her first scandal following a rapid rise, thanks to industry plant claims and the possible Drake backlash. She showed her wit with Funny Marco and rose to new heights with the Drake interview.

Despite this, it might not be a changing moment. With a legion of admirers that fell in love with her charm as a momfluencer on TikTok, there’s no doubt that the Really Good Podcast will continue to expand in the near future.