Why Did Everyone Wear Silver to Beyonce Concert? What Impose This Decision?

Beyoncé has asked people to wear silver during the final dates of her Renaissance World Tour and coincidentally enough, Virgo season is in full swing. Does this mean something?

Though fans are currently going crazy over Bey’s birthday operation (and the subsequent scramble to find an outfit), what many don’t realize: is there’s a bigger meaning behind the choice one that extends well beyond simply creating a stadium-sized disco ball.

Read through to find out why she told her fans to wear a silver dress.

Why Did Everyone Wear Silver to Beyonce Concert?

The reason is that Beyoncé has asked people to wear silver during the final dates of her Renaissance World Tour.

In her Instagram post, she wrote “Virgo season is upon us. This tour has been such a joy and as we approach the last month, my birthday wish is to celebrate with you wearing your most fabulous silver fashions to the show 8.23 – 9.22,”

Beyoncé wrote Wednesday on her Instagram Story, referencing her upcoming Sept. 4 birthday. “We’ll surround ourselves in a shimmering human disco ball each night. Everybody mirroring each other’s joy, Virgo season together in the House of Chrome. See you there!”

What Psychic Medium Says About the Color Silver

According to psychic medium, tarot reader, and fellow Virgo Sarah Potter, “This is a highly reflective color which helps us to peacefully go within, tap into our emotions, and enhance the power of our intuition.

“If you find yourself struggling to tune in to your inner wisdom or are looking for a way to retreat from an overly busy social calendar, this is the color for you.” Plus, says Potter, “It’s also highly protective and enhances our energetic boundaries.

In other words, when it comes to silver – it’s a mode of protection against negative vibes and any harm think of it as wearing an evil eye in color form. It brings clarity and empowerment to the wearer and acts as a mirror to the innermost sentiments and soulful intents.

It is also known to be a super manifestor in that it helps us bring our passions and aspirations into reality much faster.

Final Thoughts

I would like to think that her choice to wear silver is one way through which she tries to reciprocate the love her fans shower on her.

After all, Virgos show their love in acts of service and that’s exactly what she does by performing.