Why Did Jeffrey Dahmer Get Kicked Out of the Army? What Led to it?

Why Did Jeffrey Dahmer Get Kicked Out of the Army? In the thrilling fourth episode of the Netflix series, an intriguing question arises: why did Jeffrey Dahmer get kicked out of the army, or was that part of the show’s fictionalization? Let’s delve into the truth behind Jeffrey’s military service and discover why he was ultimately expelled.

Why Did Jeffrey Dahmer Get Kicked Out of the Army?

In an unexpected turn of events, Jeffrey Dahmer, infamous for his heinous crimes, started his journey in the military after a troubled college experience. His father, Lionel, suggested the military as an alternative path for him. 

As stated on Military.com, Jeffrey served as an Army medic at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas, and was later stationed at a base in Baumholder, West Germany, where he worked as a combat medic for the 2nd Battalion, 68th Armored Regiment, 8th Infantry Division.

However, just a year before completing his three-year enlistment, Jeffrey received an honorable discharge from the Army in March 1981. 

Military.com reveals that his superiors believed his consistent drinking habit hindered his ability to fulfill his duties as a soldier.

Did Jeffrey Dahmer Commit Any Crimes During His Time in the Army?

In a shocking account, twenty-year-old Preston Davis accused Jeffrey of sexually assaulting him during their time working together in the field. 

Preston wrote a letter describing the assault, stating that he was “sexually assaulted, which included penetration,” while being isolated and alone with Jeffrey, who he claimed was a racist. 

Preston revealed that Jeffrey would become obnoxious and racist when he drank. The Wrap interviewed Preston, where he mentioned that Jeffrey admitted to previously killing someone and would boast about it while intoxicated. 

Preston experienced memory gaps and believes he may have been drugged during the assault. Despite the traumatic experience, Preston left the unit shortly after and received an honorable discharge in 1986, but his reputation as an outstanding soldier was affected.

At the age of 17, Billy Capshaw encountered Jeffrey as his roommate. Billy endured 18 months of sexual assault, torture, and control by the notorious serial killer. Survivingjeffreydahmer.org shares Billy’s account, stating that he reported the abuse to officials, but it was often ignored. 

Jeffrey would frequently be drunk and would subject Billy to beatings with an iron bar, locking him in their room and deliberately preventing him from receiving mail and phone calls from his family. 

Final Thought

Billy’s situation became so dire that he was labeled as AWOL despite never leaving the base. Billy described his experience as living in constant fear, resorting to stealing Jeffrey’s money in hopes of preventing further harm. However, his actions only resulted in more severe beatings.