Why Did Jess Leave FBI Most Wanted? Any Specific Reason?

It was a shocking moment for fans of FBI: Most Wanted when Jess LaCroix, played by Julian McMahon, was killed off in the third season. Why did Jess leave FBI Most Wanted, and what does this mean for the rest of the cast? FBI: Most Wanted will never be the same without Jess, but we’re excited to see what’s next for the show!

Why Did Jess Leave FBI Most Wanted

Why Did Jess Leave FBI Most Wanted?

Julian McMahon’s choice to leave his role as Jess LaCroix was amicable. The actor, who was thrilled to join the program when it first premiered in 2020, announced that he would be leaving around the conclusion of season 3.

According to him, this will allow for the transition of his character Jess and to seek new creative avenues as an actor.

For a few months, he and the producers of FBI: Most Wanted have discussed his retirement from the show in favor of other creative endeavors, as well as the transition of his character Jess LaCroix.

These ongoing discussions have provided them the opportunity to plan a smooth and constructive exit for him from the show.

It’s evident that the actor went above and beyond to ensure that his departure from FBI: Most Wanted went as smoothly as possible for both the show’s creative team and its audience.

The actor also acknowledged his gratitude and pride in the efforts of the show’s producers. Fans and the show’s producers alike were devastated by McMahon’s exit.

Did Anyone Replace Julian McMahon on FBI: Most Wanted?

Following Julian’s departure from FBI: Most Wanted in March, fans were greeted with the introduction of a new character, performed by the legendary Dylan McDermott.

Dylan departed NBC’s procedural program, Law & Order: SVU, to begin his new role on CBS beginning with the April 12 episode.

The producers had evidently discussed who would replace Jess as part of the planning for her departure. They spent a long time in the room imagining how the character may look.

They were overjoyed when they learned Dylan was available and perhaps interested. They were out of this world. They truly see it as an opportunity to reinvigorate the show and reinvent it slightly.

It will always be a fugitive man chase show – that’s its bread and butter – but with Dylan coming in and having a new style, background, and manner of dealing with the squad, needing to get to know them and vice versa, there’s just a lot of story to play there.

What is Julian McMahon (Jess) Doing Now?

Julian made the decision to leave the show he had starred in for three full seasons in order to explore other artistic endeavors, as stated in his official statement.

The actor is now filming The Supremes at Earl’s All-You-Can-Eat, alongside Orange is the New Black star Uzo Aduba.

The actor is also speculated to be in the already-announced Justice, which is set in 1866 in the Victorian Goldfields and follows a Chinese miner and an Irish settler as they seek vengeance and justice from those who murdered their families.

Final Words

It was a heartbreaking moment for FBI: Most Wanted, but it also opened the door for new storylines and character development. It’s clear that the showrunners are committed to keeping the series fresh and exciting, and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next.