Why Did Kim Kardashian Call Taylor Swift a Snake? What Led to this?

Why Did Kim Kardashian Call Taylor Swift a Snake? In 2016, Kim Kardashian posted a series of videos on Snapchat that she claimed proved that Taylor Swift had lied about her involvement in Kanye West’s song “Famous.”

The move sparked a major social media feud, with Swift being labeled a “snake” by Kardashian and her fans. But what was the real story behind the drama?

Why Did Kim Kardashian Call Taylor Swift a Snake?

Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift have been at odds since 2009. The song “Famous,” which included controversial lyrics regarding Taylor, was released by Kanye West in 2016.

This was a turning point in the relationship between the two celebrities. Swift expressed her disapproval of the song’s substance in a public criticism of it.

Then, in July 2016, Kim Kardashian got involved by sharing videos on Snapchat purportedly showing a conversation between Kanye and Taylor, during which the singer seemed to approve of the lyrics.

Kim implied Taylor’s dishonesty by using snake emojis as a caption for the videos. Taylor’s social media was inundated with snake emojis as a result, forever linking her to the animal.

The snake emblem, which was first intended to denigrate Taylor, was eventually taken back by her when her album “Reputation” was released.

The snake emoji controversy had a long-lasting effect on Kim and Taylor’s public personas and came to represent the power dynamics and image control in the entertainment industry.

Did Kim Apologize to Taylor?

Taylor Swift had not received a public apology from Kim Kardashian. The two celebrities had a serious falling out over the much-publicized fight that started with Kanye West’s song “Famous” and the subsequent Snapchat footage that Kim Kardashian shared.

Although the videos were meant to show Taylor Swift endorsing the contentious lyrics, there was still disagreement on the complete nature of the phone conversation.

Taylor Swift objected to the videos’ selective editing, claiming that she had not given her permission to be referred to in that way.

The story changed in the years after the conflict. With her “Reputation” album, Taylor Swift recovered the snake iconography and used it in her branding.

However, until my most recent information update, there hasn’t been a clear apology from Kim Kardashian to Taylor Swift in the public realm.

Final Words

The story of Kim Kardashian calling Taylor Swift a snake is more than just a juicy piece of celebrity gossip. It’s a cautionary tale about the dangers of jumping to conclusions and the importance of critical thinking when it comes to news and information online.

In the age of social media, we have to be more careful than ever about what we believe and how we react to the stories we see.