Why Did MrBeast Nad Maddy Break Up? What Led to This?

Why Did MrBeast Nad Maddy Break Up? MrBeast, the most popular YouTuber, is constantly in the spotlight, with all of his moves closely looked into. So it was surprising that he chose to announce and promote his connection with Maddy Spidell, a rising lifestyle influencer at the time.

She has over 260K Instagram and TikTok followers, as well as over 32K YouTube subscribers, despite being somewhat inactive there.

Spidell fell in love with  MrBeast when he was only 20 years old in 2019. They met on Twitter after she succeeded in capturing his interest online.

Why Did MrBeast Nad Maddy Break Up?

In August 2019, MrBeast verified on Twitter that he was seeing Spidell. In a special video, Mr. Beast also welcomed her to his channel and surprised her with 100k flowers.

Because of her partnership with MrBeast, Spidell’s fan following grew dramatically, and she started making videos for her own YouTube channel.

However, MrBeast and Maddy abruptly split up and stopped their romance. After being accused by several people of being with MrBeast for his money, Maddy decided to come up.

She promptly responded to those who attacked her with a tweet that read:

“If it wasn’t clear – I don’t want Mr beast for his money, just want a bf with good taste in anime who can make me laugh leave me alone and let me have an unattainable internet crush LMFAO.”

This tweet was later deleted, according to Sports Keeda.

Given that the ex-couple still follows one another on social media, even though it’s still unclear how they broke up, it wouldn’t be incorrect to assume that they are still friendly.

Where is MrBeast’s Longtime Ex-Girlfriend Now?

Spidell, a solitary individual from Wisconsin who withheld details about her relationship with Mr. Beast, relocated to Los Angeles, California, in December 2021.

In May 2022, she shared a tale on her Instagram account, stating that she had moved to pursue a job opportunity and had been putting in a lot of effort.

In addition to her day job at a corporation, the well-known influencer also has to oversee her own brand. She also thanked her community for supporting her throughout this difficult time and praised their help in keeping her spirits up.

Who is MrBeast Dating Currently?

Maddy Spidell and MrBeast had a committed relationship that lasted for over three years. Jimmy made several extravagant displays around that time, including renting a whole theater to display every picture he and Maddy had ever taken.

But, Jimmy has also moved on from his past, much like Spidell, as evidenced by his current relationship with Thea Booysen. The epidemic was the factor that united them.

MrBeast planned to film a video in Antarctica with Logan Paul. As a result, they began their journey in South Africa.

However, when Paul and Jimmy discovered that many individuals in Antarctica had COVID-19, they were forced to travel to South Africa, where they met for the first time.

In an October 2022 interview with TMG Studios, Jimmy revealed his response to seeing Thea for the first time.

Final Words

Spidell has continued to expand her social media prominence since her breakup with MrBeast. She also mentioned that she works for a corporation. While the split was difficult for Spidell, she has attempted to reconcile a busy personal life with her various responsibilities.