Why Did Rick Leave The Walking Dead? What Drove the Iconic Departure?

Why Did Rick Leave The Walking Dead? Andrew Lincoln plays Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead, which was based on Robert Kirkman’s acclaimed comic series. Rick, a regular from season one, was destined to be one of the few season one TWD characters to stick around. However, the reason Rick left The Walking Dead in season 9 shed light on the franchise’s future.

Why Did Rick Leave The Walking Dead?

Andrew Lincoln left his role as Rick on The Walking Dead to spend more time with his family in the United Kingdom.

Entertainment Weekly uncovered Lincoln’s motives for leaving the show. Lincoln’s two sons, Matilda and Arthur, were raised in the United Kingdom while he worked on The Walking Dead in the United States.

However, as they grew older, their access to the United States became increasingly restricted. So, when Season 9 aired from 2018 to 2019, Lincoln finally decided to spend time with his family.

His character, however, was not killed off. He made a very welcome comeback in the final episode of the series finale, much to the delight of many fans.

With him being a part of the last season’s ending, things came full circle. However, his narrative is far from over. There will be more after Season 11 concludes in 2022.

Will Rick Ever Return in The Walking Dead?

Rick Grimes will return in the TWD spinoff The Walking Dead: Rick & Michonne.

After Season 11, AMC opted to separate most of TWD’s core characters to headline new spinoffs. Maggie and Negan appeared in The Walking Dead: The Dead City earlier this year and will return for a second season.

Meanwhile, The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon is currently running with Daryl while strolling around France. He’d also appear in his second season.

But first, Rick will appear alongside Danai Gurira’s Michonne in their spinoff series, which will premiere in 2024.

Rick is believed to reclaim his place as the key protagonist in the TWD universe, since all of the ongoing TWD spinoffs may eventually lead to an Endgame-style crossover event. It will be interesting to see how many additional appearances the 50-year-old actor accepts.

Final Words

When Rick Grimes left The Walking Dead in season 9, it left a huge hole in the show and the hearts of fans.

But even though he was no longer on the series, his legacy continued to live on. From his determination and bravery to his love for his family and friends, Rick’s impact on the show and its characters was undeniable.

He will always be remembered as a hero who fought for what he believed in, even in the most difficult of circumstances. So long, Rick – may you continue to walk with the dead in our hearts and memories.