Why Did Shakira Go to Jail? What Were the Charges?

Why Did Shakira Go to Jail? Shakira, the “hips-don’t-lie” singer, earned headlines not for her gorgeous dances, but for a possible prison sentence. The global star faced eight years in prison after being charged with tax fraud in Spain. So, what got her into this legal hot seat?

Why Did Shakira Go to Jail?

Shakira actually never went to jail. Although she faced accusations of tax fraud in Spain for the years 2012-2014, she eventually avoided prison time.

Spanish prosecutors accused Shakira of defrauding the country of €14.5 million in taxes by claiming residency in the Bahamas while spending more than 183 days in Spain (which would make her a Spanish resident for tax purposes).

In June 2022, a judge ordered Shakira to stand trial. However, on the first day of the trial in July 2023, she reached a settlement with the prosecutors.

She accepted a suspended sentence of three years in prison, meaning she wouldn’t serve jail time. Instead, she paid a fine of €3 million and an additional €2.04 million to cover interest and legal fees.

Why is Shakira So Rich?

Shakira’s primary source of revenue is undoubtedly her music, which she performs and records. Not only is she a phenomenal vocalist and performer, but she also writes or co-writes nearly all of her songs, earning her more royalties than other musicians without similar credentials.

She also agreed to a $30 million three-album contract with Sony and Live Nation in 2012. Shakira has made money from music as well as from her TV appearances. She worked as a coach on The Voice twice and spent a season on NBC’s Dancing With Myself.

Shakira’s endorsements and product lines are another valuable source of income. She has a perfume brand, a long-term endorsement arrangement with Pepsi, and has even advertised Crest White Strips and Oral-B (though the latter was mainly for charity).

How Much Did Shakira Make From Hips Don’t Lie?

Although it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact amount of money Shakira has made from “Hips Don’t Lie,” it’s undeniably significant. Despite being a song released in 2006, “Hips Don’t Lie” remains one of Shakira’s greatest hits to date.

It sold 13 million downloads worldwide, peaked at number one in 21 different countries, and continues to shatter streaming records to this day: Spotify honored the song’s one billionth stream on the site in September 2022—the month the song was first released.

Final Words

While Shakira did face serious legal issues, she never actually went to jail, thanks to the settlement with the prosecution.

It’s important to stay informed about current events and avoid misinformation, especially regarding high-profile cases like this.