Why Did Travis Kelce Fire His Publicist? What Led to This Decision?

Why Did Travis Kelce Fire His Publicist? This conversation was prompted by an attention-grabbing incident. Pia Malihi, Kelce’s publicist, shared a picture of Taylor Swift—who was then reported to be his girlfriend—on social media in October 2023, masking her face with a clown emoji.

Why Did Travis Kelce Fire His Publicist?

In contrast to popular opinions, Travis Kelce did not fire Pia Malihi, his publicist, in the wake of a social media incident involving his alleged girlfriend, Taylor Swift.

Even though there was discussion and disagreement over the event, Kelce finally decided to keep Malihi on board.

In October 2023, Malihi reposted a birthday message on her Instagram story that included a photo of Swift with a clown emoji covering her face.

This sparked outrage, particularly among Taylor Swift’s devoted audience, the “Swifties,” who saw it as purposeful shade. The incident received enormous attention online, prompting calls for Malihi’s resignation.

Despite the pressure and negative publicity, Kelce decided not to fire Malihi. According to reports, he was doubtful of any nefarious purpose behind the repost and blamed it on a mistake. Notably, Swift apparently did not express personal anger with Malihi or Kelce.

Does Travis Kelce have Instagram?

Kelce maintains an active Instagram account under the handle “@killatrav.” As of the time of writing this report, Travis boasts an impressive 3.6 million Instagram followers.

Through this platform, Kelce interacts with fans, gives fans a peek into his personal life, highlights his achievements both on and off the field, and promotes his numerous initiatives and endorsements.

Instagram followers may get a comprehensive look into Kelce’s life outside of football by following him and learning about his passions, pastimes, and charitable endeavors.

Kelce engages with followers more personally by exhibiting his personality, sense of humor, and commitment to his profession through well-chosen posts, tales, and IGTV videos.

Travis Kelce’s interaction with fans on Instagram is one of the platform’s most noteworthy features. By regularly interacting with followers via likes, comments, and direct messages, he builds rapport and a sense of community with his audience.

Beyond just talking football, this interaction touches on fashion, music, and lifestyle, which reflects Kelce’s wide range of interests and appeal to a wide audience.

Kelce uses his Instagram account not just for personal but also for business objectives. He provides updates on his football career, sharing game highlights, training session behind-the-scenes videos, and NFL season announcements.

Final Words

Contrary to popular assumption, Travis Kelce did not terminate Pia Malihi, his publicist. Even with the social media backlash, Kelce probably gave a number of considerations some thought before choosing to hire her.

The decision draws attention to the subtleties of negotiating celebrity public relations and the influence of fan networks on online narratives.