Why Did Travis Kelce Lose His Scholarship? What Led to This?

Why Did Travis Kelce Lose His Scholarship? NFL star Travis Kelce is known for his athletic prowess, but few people know about the early struggles that nearly derailed his career. When he was in college, Kelce lost his football scholarship due to off-the-field issues.

We will tell you the story of how Travis Kelce went from losing his scholarship to becoming one of the greatest players in the NFL.

Why Did Travis Kelce Lose His Scholarship?

Travis Kelce lost his scholarship and was suspended from the University of Cincinnati football team for a full year over a failed drug test, reportedly for marijuana.

This was more than a small error. Breaking the team policy carried serious repercussions. As a redshirt freshman backup quarterback at the time, Kelce’s athletic aspirations were put on hold.

Without the scholarship, he was having financial difficulties and was even thinking about taking a temporary break from football to work at a contact center to make ends meet.

But Kelce’s tale doesn’t finish there. Jason Kelce, his older brother and an accomplished NFL player, was instrumental in his salvation.

During the suspension, Jason provided Travis with both financial and emotional support by offering him a place to stay. Additionally, he persuaded the Cincinnati coaching staff to reconsider his brother’s dismissal.

Travis accepted full responsibility for his conduct and was eager to take advantage of the situation. He developed, dedicated himself to his training, and eventually persuaded the trainers of his commitment.

After being brought back for his last season, he moved from quarterback to tight end, which is where his true brilliance developed.

Kelce has publicly discussed the drug test incident as a teaching moment, even though the specifics of the test have not been made public.

He stresses the significance of making decisions on your future while admitting the gravity of his error.

Did Jason Kelce Save Travis Kelce’s Career?

Travis Kelce’s football hopes were dashed when he was suspended for a year and lost his scholarship at the University of Cincinnati due to a failed drug test.

Jason, a successful NFL player worked as a substitute in this trying time. He allowed Travis to move in and provided him financially and emotionally.

Most importantly, he spoke up for his brother and persuaded the Cincinnati coaches to give him another chance.

Travis took full responsibility for his actions and grabbed the opportunity. He proved his talent and determination by changing to tight end. Finally, his determination and diligence led him back to the team.

Final Words

Travis Kelce’s narrative demonstrates that where you end up matters more than where you began. After losing his scholarship, he had the option to quit, but he chose to turn his life around and go on to become one of the most successful athletes in history.

His strength and resilience are extremely inspiring, and they should be an inspiration to everyone who has ever endured hardship. According to Kelce, “It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.”


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