Why Did Tucker Carlson Get Fired? Any Clear Explanations?

Why Did Tucker Carlson Get Fired? Tucker Carlson is one of television’s most popular conservative commentators. However, he was abruptly removed from his job at Fox News in 2016. So, what exactly happened? Why was Tucker Carlson fired? And what did he do after that?

We will look at the events that led up to Carlson’s firing as well as the fallout from this surprising turn of events.

Why Did Tucker Carlson Get Fired?

Fox News made the startling statement that, as of right now, it has “agreed to part ways” with Tucker Carlson, the host of the network’s highest-rated primetime show—and, for that matter, one of the highest-rated shows on basic cable.

Less than a week had passed after Fox News had consented to settle a defamation case involving false election claims with Dominion Voting Systems for $787.5 million.

Several of Carlson’s texts that were found during the lawsuit’s discovery phase generated headlines, despite reports that his involvement in the case is minimal.

The circumstances surrounding Carlson’s abrupt exit from Fox News are still unclear, but there is a lot of conjecture that there may be a more significant scandal at play that has yet to be discovered.

If true, this would be reason enough to fire the network’s greatest personality before he had a chance to bid farewell. Furthermore, it’s unclear what Carlson will do next or how Fox News will appear without its biggest star—and perhaps liability—at the helm.

How Sudden was Tucker Carlson’s Exit?

Fox News claimed in its announcement that the decision was mutual, but all indications are that Carlson was fired with little to no notice. It is said that Carlson was unaware of his termination for several minutes prior to its declaration.

Also, Carlson concluded his Friday, April 21, broadcast with the words, “We’ll be back on Monday,” implying that he anticipated a Monday show, which, of course, never materialized.

It didn’t appear that Fox News itself was certain that Carlson was leaving until just before the announcement. According to reports, the channel was still running teases for Carlson’s show scheduled for that evening—which never happened—during the morning of April 24.

What’s Tucker Carlson up to now?

He uses Twitter to promote himself and his show. Carlson announced on May 9 in a brief video that he uploaded to his Twitter account.

He said that since Twitter was the “last big [platform] remaining in the world” that permitted free expression, he would be bringing a “new version of the show we’ve been doing for the last six and half years” to the platform.

Though there wasn’t somewhere else on television for Carlson to go, it doesn’t seem like the most natural next move for him.

The three main basic cable news stations have now sacked him; Newsmax and OANN would be a significant step-down, and his content is too divisive for network television.

Carlson was still listed as a Fox News presenter in the days following his departure, and his show was still referred to as the channel’s “flagship primetime cable news program.”

Those were finally removed from the site a week later. Within days, Fox Nation pulled Carlson’s likeness and broadcasts from its home page.

Final Thoughts

Fox’s decision to fire Tucker was shocking at the time, but in the end, it helped him become the successful conservative commentator he is today. Millions of people tune in to watch his show every night, making him one of the nation’s most well-liked television personalities.

So, even if his firing may have occurred under challenging conditions at the time, it appears that everything turned out for the best.