Why Did Twitch Shoot Himself? What Led to It?

The question of why did Twitch shoot himself has sparked a lot of debate and discussions in recent months. Some people believe that there were underlying mental health issues at play, while others think that the pressure of being a popular streamer may have played a role Well, today we will take a proper look into this event and the factors that may have led p to it.

Why Did Twitch Shoot Himself?

Fresh facts are revealing Stephen “tWitch” Boss’s mental state before his shocking suicide. The actual reason or reasons behind this remain unknown.

On Tuesday, December 13, 2022, the man who came to fame as a DJ and dancer on the popular Ellen daytime talk program was discovered dead in a Los Angeles area motel from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Now, a suicide note allegedly left behind by the 40-year-old offers indications as to why he chose to take his own life, which appeared to be picture-perfect as displayed on social media.

Columbus Short, who co-starred in the movies “Homecoming” and “Stomp The Yard” with tWitch, provided his own, presumably uninvited, conspiracy theory regarding tWitch’s suicide.

Short alleged, without providing evidence, that tWitch committed suicide due to financial difficulties.

What Were tWitch’s Last Words?

Eddy Boss, tWitch’s grandfather, told The Daily Mail on December 15, 2022, about his last discussion with his grandson before he died two days later.

According to Eddy, he spoke with tWich the previous Saturday on more than one occasion, Eddy said. “He was the same upbeat person he’d always been.” We had no reason to suspect anything was out of the ordinary.”

He went on to say that Stephen was a really humble and generous person. He brought brightness into everyone’s life. Right now, they are utterly devastated.

Eddy, who came from Arizona to Los Angeles after tWitch’s death to be with his family, also disclosed the last text tWitch wrote to him before committing himself.

tWitch’s last words to his grandfather were a simple text that says “I love you Dad-Dad.” Eddy says the whole family still wonders why and where the thought of Twitch killing himself came from

Final Words

The death of tWitch highlights a growing trend of Black people taking their own lives. While general statistics show that Black people have among the lowest suicide rates, evidence from last year suggests that the COVID-19 pandemic has drastically affected those percentages.

Suicide affects people from all areas of life, whether it’s due to mental illness, stress, feelings of hopelessness, or any of the numerous other reasons why people commit suicide.

If you or someone you know is experiencing emotional distress or is contemplating suicide, dial 988.