Why Did Abby Kill Joel? What Was the Motive?

In the video game The Last of Us, the relationship between Joel and Abby is one of the most complex and compelling aspects of the story. But why did Abby kill Joel? Some say it was revenge for the death of her father, while others point to deeper motivations.

We will examine the possible reasons behind this shocking act, and explore the emotional fallout for the characters involved.

Why Did Abby Kill Joel?

In short, Abby kills Joel in The Last of Us Part II in retaliation for her father’s death at Joel’s hands. Joel and Ellie arrive at a Firefly lab in the final episode of The Last of Us, hoping to turn Ellie’s immune blood into a treatment for the fungal sickness.

Joel resolves to assassinate the surgeon who is ready to operate on Ellie after learning that the procedure will almost certainly kill her regardless of the outcome of the surgery.

This surgeon is Jerry Anderson, Abby Anderson’s father, who subsequently embarks on a vengeance mission to find her father’s killer.

At the start of The Last of Us Part II, Abby and her crew have discovered Jackson, the settlement where Joel and Ellie both live.

While on a supply run, Abby’s crew runs upon Joel, and Abby violently beats Joel to death in front of Ellie.

There are considerably more details about the aftermath of Joel’s death, both in Ellie’s vicious road of retribution and in Abby’s story leading up to her killing Joel, but this is why Joel dies.

Who Was Abby’s Father?

The fact that Abby’s father was also a huge deal contributed to his death being such a big issue. And we must return to the events of the first game when Joel and Ellie discovered the Fireflies after a lengthy trek from Boston.

When Joel and Ellie arrived in Salt Lake City, they were ambushed by the Fireflies and rendered comatose. When Joel awoke, Marlene apologized because her guys had no idea who he was.

However, Marlene also informed Joel that they were preparing Ellie for surgery to extract her brain to create a cure or vaccine that could help save humanity from the consequences of the Cordyceps Brain Infection.

Joel was opposed to what Marlene and the Fireflies were about to do to the young girl, Ellie, whom he had grown to love as a daughter.

As a result, Joel went on a killing spree, killing nearly all of the Fireflies members at the Salt Lake City hospital where they were being treated. When he went to Ellie’s room, he also killed the doctors who were going to operate on her.

Final Words

The killing of Joel by Abby was a pivotal moment in The Last of Us, and it has sparked much debate among fans of the game. Some argue that Abby was justified in her actions, while others feel that Joel’s death was a devastating loss.

However, the decision to kill Joel was not simply about revenge or retribution. Rather, it was a complex choice that reflected the game’s exploration of morality and human nature.