Why Did Alicia Keys Release Empire State of Mind With Jay-z?

During a recent chat with Mix 94.7, Alicia Keys dropped some inside info on her hit 2009 collab with Jay-Z, “Empire State Of Mind.” The songstress shared that she was almost replaced on the track one time since Jay-Z couldn’t reach out to her. In fact, she said that almost anybody else was going to sing her famous bit for that song.

Why Did Alicia Keys Collaborate With Jay-Z on “Empire State of Mind”?

She release the song with jay-z because as of that time, the song was a hit and she has to get into it.

“‘Empire State of Mind’ was actually Jay’s record first and I was on the hook,” Alicia explained. “After all of that happened, I realised, you know what? This song is crazy and it’s going insane, I have to have a version that I can sing. What am I going to do? I can’t just sing the hook every show?!”

How Successful Was Empire State of Mind?

Back in 2009, when that track first hit the scene, it shot straight to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 charts, holding its ground for a sweet five weeks. And to add some extra flair, it also clocked in an impressive 205,000 digital copies sold in the U.S.

The collaboration between Jay Z and Alicia Keys in “Empire State of Mind” brought together two titans of the music industry.

Alicia Keys, a classically trained pianist, and singer-songwriter, shared Jay Z’s love for New York City and the desire to Create a Timeless anthem that captured the essence of the city. Their chemistry and combined talents resulted in a Memorable and uplifting collaboration.

Final Thoughts

The amazing Alicia Keys joined Jordan and Perri on KISS Breakfast to talk about her brand new song ‘Lifeline’, which comes from the new film The Color Purple.

The singer also took part in the Quiz That Gets Quicker, and revealed the real reason she decided to write her iconic song ‘Empire State of Mind (Part 2) Broken Down’.

Back in 2009, ‘Empire State of Mind’ was a huge hit for Jay-Z, featuring Alicia Keys, however, here in the UK it’s Alicia’s answer song, ‘Empire State of Mind (Part 2) Broken Down’, also became a massive hit, and Alicia revealed the real reason she wrote the song.