Why Did Dababy’s Concert Get Canceled? What Went Wrong?

Why Did Dababy’s Concert Get Canceled? Rapper DaBaby is no stranger to controversy, but his most recent concert cancellation has taken things to a whole new level. With numerous controversies in the past, this was just the latest in a series of events that have put his career on shaky ground.

Why Dababy’s Concert in New Orleans Get Canceled

A local New Orleans outlet stated that the performance was canceled due to low ticket sales. The concert apparently sold less than 500 seats in a venue with a capacity of 14,000 or more, with ticket prices starting at $35. Those who have previously purchased tickets will be compensated.

Although the website Nola stated that the cancellation was owing to low sales, others gave alternative reasons, though none contested the low sales.

According to MAC Agency founder Andrew Lieber, there was a “breach of contract” by the promoter. So DaBaby’s artistic team pulled off the New Orleans event. According to the xxlmag website, the agency is the artist’s booking agency.

According to The New York Post, DaBaby has already been called out for his troublesome behavior. In 2021, he had to apologize for both a homophobic rant and misogynistic statements.

In April 2022, he allegedly forced an uninterested fan to kiss him and faced felony violence charges when a property manager claimed he sustained serious injuries while attempting to shut down a music video featuring the rapper at his rented property.

How Can I Get a Refund?

Fans were originally told about the cancellation via Ticketmaster, which announced it on their website.

Along with announcing the cancellation, Ticketmaster stated that refunds would be issued automatically.

There is no action required to obtain a refund. It will be processed to the original mode of payment used at the time of purchase, as soon as funds are received from the Event Organizer, which is normally within 30 days, according to Ticketmaster.

If the Event Organizer provides a credit option, it will be accessible in the Event Details section of your order, which can be found on your Ticketmaster account, the company stated.

Dababy Was Initially Canceled Because of His Behavior?

It’s sometimes prudent, as they say, to avoid adding fuel to the flames. In response to his initial remarks made on July 25 at Rolling Loud Miami 2021, which included telling the audience to turn on their cell phone lights

“if you didn’t show up today with HIV/AIDS or other STDs that’ll make you die in two-three weeks” (TMZ), the rapper became quite active on social media.

DaBaby clarified his remarks on Instagram Stories on July 26 immediately following the incident, but it was more detrimental than beneficial.

Final Words

The cancellation of DaBaby’s concert was just the latest event in a long string of controversies for the rapper. But what’s most important now is how he chooses to move forward. Will he learn from his mistakes and become a better artist?