Why Did Alicia Keys Start Advocating for Women’s Rights? What Promoted This Decision?

Why Did Alicia Keys Start Advocating for Women’s Rights? Alicia Keys has always been driven to change the world, from her early years as a budding music star to her current position as an activist and philanthropist.

But why did she choose to concentrate on promoting women’s rights in particular?

Why is Alicia Keys Advocating for Women’s Rights?

Keys grew up navigating a society that frequently attempted to categorize her. She chose her trademark braids and androgynous attire as a defense against ongoing sexual harassment while growing up in New York City.

She developed a sense of resistance against the expectations that society placed on women as a result of this early encounter.

Upon entering the music industry, which is not often supportive of female musicians, Keys probably experienced more incidents of misogyny.

Her urge to question the existing quo might have been stoked by pressure to live up to specific beauty standards or appease the masculine gaze.

Although Keys hasn’t discussed any specific experiences in the music business, her support points to a greater awareness of the obstacles faced by women in the industry.

At the age of 21, Keys made a journey to South Africa that marked a turning point in her life. Witnessing the suffering of young girls pushed into sex work because of poverty had a profound impact on her.

Seeing their sensitivity made her think about her own experiences and problems. This experience most certainly sparked a fire within her, a sense of obligation to utilize her platform to help women suffering similar challenges.

Who Was Alicia Keys Role Model?

While Alicia Keys hasn’t expressly named a single person as her primary role model, various people have had a big impact on her life and shaped her ideals, helping her to become the strong and varied person she is now.

First and foremost is Alicia Keys’ mother, Terri Augello Cook. Raised by a single mom in New York City, Keys observed her mother’s enduring fortitude and perseverance as she navigated the obstacles of parenting a child on her own.

Her mother’s passion and love taught Keys the value of self-sufficiency, tenacity, and women’s ability to overcome adversity.

Keys frequently mentions her mother as a source of inspiration and support throughout her life and career.

Final Words

Alicia Keys’ commitment to women’s rights shows her compassion and determination. She isn’t scared to stand up for what she believes in, and she’s utilizing her platform to improve the lives of women around the world.

Through her efforts, she inspires others to find their own voices and make a difference.