Why Did Alicia Keys Start Her Own Charity? What Inspired Her?

Why Did Alicia Keys Start Her Own Charity? Alicia Keys is renowned for her amazing voice and musical prowess, but she is also dedicated to changing the world. Her own charity, the We Are Here Movement, is one way she accomplishes this.

However, what gave her the idea to start this organization, and what good does it accomplish for the less fortunate?

The Reason Why Alicia Keys Started Her Own Charity

Though Alicia Keys has not started her own foundation, she has proved to be a great contributor to several humanitarian organizations, including Keep a Child Alive, with which she has been associated.

Her great spirit of social duty, her aspiration to enable others, and her personal encounters were among the things that gave her dedication to the cause a boost.

Keys’ early years in Hell’s Kitchen, New York City, are most likely where her interest in social issues first sprang. Having grown up in a multicultural and occasionally difficult environment, she would have seen directly the difficulties that many communities endure.

Furthermore, Keys might have learned about the legal ramifications of social justice and the value of advocacy via her mother’s paralegal profession.

A turning point in Keys’ charitable path occurred in 2001 when she became friends with Leigh Blake, a young African lady afflicted with HIV/AIDS.

Keys was impacted by this interaction, as he was impressed by Blake’s fortitude and perseverance in the face of hardship. She was motivated to act after seeing the effects of the illness on people and communities, especially children.

Instead of founding her own organization, Keys decided to offer her voice and resources to Keep a Child Alive, a non-profit created in 2003 by activist Leigh Blake’s mother, Leah.

What is Alicia Keys’ Net Worth in 2024?

Alicia Keys’s wealth should have increased to approximately $75 million. It is important to mention that this is different from her spouse, Swizz Beatz, whose estimated net worth is comparable. Their aggregate net worth comes to over $150 million.

Without a doubt, Alicia Keys’s net worth is dependent mostly on her music career. She has accumulated excellent sales figures over her career, with multiple albums reaching multi-platinum status.

This translates into substantial record-breaking earnings, which is the original and primary source of her fortune.

Alicia Keys has successfully made use of the power of touring in addition to album sales. Globally sold-out performances bring her a sizable sum of money from ticket and product sales as well as lucrative endorsement agreements with companies vying for her enormous fan base.

Final Words

With her constant commitment and support, Alicia Keys has grown into a formidable social cause advocate.

Her work with KCA and other organizations has raised a great deal of money and awareness, which has improved the lives of a great number of people.