Why Did Alicia Keys Start Singing? What Inspired Her?

Why Did Alicia Keys Start Singing? Alicia Keys, the powerhouse singer-songwriter with 14 Grammy Awards, didn’t just stumble into the world of music. Her journey began early, and it was nurtured by a combination of factors that ignited a passion for singing and fueled her rise to stardom

Why Alicia Keys Started Singing?

Alicia Keys started singing because she had a passion for music from a very young age. Alicia had a natural gift for music from the time she was a young child.

At the age of six, she tried playing the keyboard, which belonged to her mother. This is where her love for music started. Alicia’s mother supported her in doing what she wanted to do in life since had a musical talent from the early years of her life.

Being tutored by a professional at the age of seven, Alicia got acquainted with the piano really quickly. Her schoolteacher appreciated her talent and encouraged her to try herself in the expressions of different genres.

Likely, Alicia began to take a serious interest in music accompanied by their attempts to sing. In her high school years, Alicia went to the Professional Performing Arts School located in Manhattan, which was the best place to practice her voice, dance as well as acting skills.

Alison’s foremost aim after her high school graduation was to finally succeed in breaking into the music industry.

She began writing her own pieces and singing at small stages around New York City. Through her custom mix of soul, jazz, and R&B, she caught the attention of the music insiders and it didn’t take long before she was offered a recording deal.

At the Professional Performing Arts School in Manhattan, Alicia worked on her acting, dancing, and singing skills while she was in high school. She involved herself fully in the performing arts, deriving knowledge and skills that would be helpful for her future career.

How Old Was Alicia Keys When She Got Famous?

Alicia Keys’ rise to mainstream recognition can be traced back to the release of her debut album, “Songs in A Minor,” in June 2001. This critically acclaimed masterpiece propelled her into the spotlight at the age of 20 years old.

Keys’ musical career initiated much long time ago. She began with piano lessons at seven years old and scribbled her own pieces by the time she was twelve, undoubtedly her first moment of love for music.

At the age of 15, she signed a record contract with Columbia Records but later she looked for a new record company, succeeding in her artistic problems. By joining hands with the J Records in 1998, she entered a period that gave a new direction to her career.

Final Words

Alicia Keys’ career was not influenced by one factor.┬áIt was what early exposure to music, constant studies, the need for self-expression, and the example of her artistic idols gave her.

Each of them contributed to the ignition of her singing lust and to the formation of the multi-faceted artist she is now.