Why Did Alicia Keys Start a Fashion Line? What Inspired This Idea?

Why Did Alicia Keys start a fashion line? Alicia Keys and Athleta are coming together for an active wear line. The singer will be at the forefront of the movement in all campaign imagery, sporting her chiseled bod in workout neutrals and loungewear.

Deep chocolate browns, muted tans, and black make up the seven-piece collection. Designed with movement and mindfulness in mind, the range’s release is fitting for your newly-fledged fitness aspirations.

Standout pieces include the bra, jumpsuit, tights, sweatshirt, sweater, and dress, all available in Retroplush and VitaFree fabrics that have made the label famous for its yoga and workout pieces.

Why Did Alicia Keys Launch a Fashion Line?

Because she’s just obsessed with the need to express self-empowerment through style, the work is heavily derived from her philosophy of individualism and embracing one’s own unique identity.

Through the confluence of the two things that she loves, music and fashion, Keys wants to create a space that has the principle of going beyond the norm of what beauty dictates.

The line of fashion comes from where Alicia Keys stopped, spreading the concept about loving oneself, taking on diversity and noting that each person is beautiful.

Other Businesses Owned by Alicia Keys

She runs a business by the name of AK Worldwide. The business was established in the year 2009. AK Worldwide is a representation of what constitutes the backbone of all of Key’s business activities.

Though it tends to mainly oversee her tasks outside her kind of music, it marks great concern with diversifying the portfolio and creating an empire corresponding to her brand. Another business that she owned is music tea. Music and tea probably seem chalk and cheese but for Keys, it was an organic step to take.

During dual Grammy nights, her husband Swizz Beatz introduced Alicia’s very own brand of teas while throwing her birthday party during 2020. A taste of her favorites, blending tradition with innovation, Alicia Teas promise that, like many others in Starbucks, there are plans for distribution.

Final Thoughts

Alicia Keys, whose real name is Alicia Augello Cook, became famous as the owner of that very peculiar voice that fascinates both with piano soljsons and ambitious entrepreneurial talents, doing huge charity work.

Starting his musical career from the prodigy and classic compositions of Mozart, Chopin, and Beethoven, the musician happened to sell more than 90 million records and won 15 Grammy awards on his way.