Why Did Ashanti Leave the Music Industry? What truly happened?

Why Did Ashanti Leave the Music Industry? Ashanti’s music career has been full of ups and downs, and many have wondered if she has officially left the music industry for good. While the answer is not entirely clear, some clues suggest that she may be pursuing other endeavors. But what does this mean for her legacy as an artist?

Did Ashanti Leave the Music Industry?

Ashanti hasn’t entirely left the music industry, but her presence has certainly shifted compared to her peak in the early 2000s.

Ashanti dominated the R&B market with her soulful, evolving style. Pop-infused music from artists such as Beyoncé and Rihanna stretched limits. Even though Ashanti kept putting out albums, it’s possible that they didn’t connect with the shifting trends as well.

It is often known that Ashanti wants more artistic freedom. She quit the record label that started her career, Murder Inc., in 2011 to pursue independence with Written Entertainment. Some people assume that Murder Inc. and they had different creative styles.

Some fans thought that even though she was releasing albums on her own label, the projects lacked the cohesive artistic vision of her previous work.

It’s possible that Ashanti’s well-publicized romance with Ja Rule—a man who had legal issues later in his career—unintentionally impacted her public perception.

The musician recently opened up about being sexually harassed by a music producer, bringing attention to the negative aspects of the business that may demoralize musicians.

What is Ashanti Doing Now?

The biggest news surrounding Ashanti is her reported pregnancy with rapper Nelly, rekindling their on-again, off-again romance.

While the due date has not been formally announced by Ashanti or Nelly, speculation points to some time in 2024. There’s no doubt that this new chapter of her life will bring exciting changes and an emphasis on parenting.

Even if she isn’t touring as quickly as she did in her early years, Ashanti still makes music. She still performs, and there have been rumors of new music in the works.

Her performance alongside Nelly in December 2023 heightened fans’ expectations for new music, potentially from a joint venture.

Ashanti has embraced independence with her label, Written Entertainment, since departing Murder Inc. in 2011. While she can express her creativity freely, she might not have as many marketing and promotion options as she would with a major label.

Final Words

Ashanti hasn’t completely quit the music business, although producing less music than she did during her height. She still performs, and in 2018 there were rumors of new songs and a film being produced. She has expressed her wish to direct a biopic as well.