Why Did Drake and Kanye Have Beef? What Led to This?

Anyone not living under a rock has most likely seen Drake beefing with Kanye West. The duo has been on unfriendly terms for a while, but with both rappers dropping albums in the past week, this longtime feud is getting personal.

From subliminal jabs to a full-blown Twitter war, it appeared the two players had ramped up to tarnish each other’s reputation.

It began as early as 2010 when Drake’s sample verse was dropped from the final version of West’s ‘All of the Lights.

Why Did Drake and Kanye Have Beef?

Scorpion is the fifth studio album by Drake, which was released on June 29, 2018. Some of the songs on the project include the single In My Feelings, which peaked on the Billboard Hot 100.

In it, Drake’s rapped about his love affair with a girl named Kiki, which had fans speculating that it was a veiled shot at Kanye’s then-wife Kim Kardashian. While Kiki is Kim’s family nickname, she told the world that she has never once in her life been involved in an affair with Drake.

Although Kiki’s real identity is Drake’s former love interest K’yanna Barber and not Kim, Kanye felt it was enough bad taste that the rapper would insist on rumors continued about Kim.

Months later, on Thursday, September 20, Kanye took to social media to slam the rumors of a hookup between Kim and Drake.

The Chicago-born actor told his followers on Instagram: “I’ve got a problem with people making false rumors and thinking you’re f***g my wife, and you’re not saying anything and you’re carrying on like that. That doesn’t sit right with my spirit.”

“Y’all be promoting that negativity; you think that’s cool for social media.

When Did Kanye and Drake Make Up?

From all appearances, the two made up on November 16, 2021. The Tuesday evening of that week, Drake and Kanye showed snippets and photos of each other on their Instagram stories.

The two were snapped alongside mutual friend and record executive J Prince as they captioned their posts with dove emojis.

The two just so happened to be attending a party at Drake’s home in Toronto. At one point while visiting Drake’s home city, Kanye and J Prince even went to see Dave Chappelle doing stand-up.

When the four of them were hanging out, Dave said during his set: “Make some noise for Kanye and Drake. and make some noise for our reconciliation!”

How Long Were Kanye and Drake Friends?

The two frenemies looked patched up after they made peace in Toronto. Fast forward to November 4th, 2022, when Drake and 21 Savage dropped their joint album Her Loss.

In the song, Circo Loco, Drake is heard taking yet another jab at Kanye on the track. He raps: “Linking with the opps, bh, I did that s**t for J Prince.Bh, I did it for the mob ties.”

On Friday, the Yeezy designer replied to the lyric on Twitter and wrote, “Enough already I did gave this man his flowers multiple times.

“Just to see who all is real ops out here in this music game. Just imagine all the rappers on the same side and everyone doin’ deals and cleaning up each other’s contracts. It’s kingdom time. Love Drake.”

Final Thoughts

Everybody needs good neighbors but things must be a little fraught in Kanye West and Drakeā€˜s neighborhood right now.

The heavyweight rappers’ friendship has been on a rollercoaster through the years, with 2018 hitting new lows of secret kids, Travis Scott, Pusha T, and more all dragged into the pair’s feud.