Why Did Drake Call His Album Scorpion? What Inspired This Name?

Why did Drake call his album Scorpion? A Drake album release is never boring. His fifth studio album, Scorpion is one album any lover of good music should listen to, the song is unarguably good.

And that’s just one of many bombshells dropped throughout the album. Yet, behind the headlines, the album credits hide several telling details to be gleaned.

Why Did Drake Call His Album Scorpion?

Drake hasn’t disclosed the reason why he named the album Scorpion, but the logical reason will be that Drake is a Scorpio, born in October — a fact he’ll never let you forget. Just guessing here, but it’s also probably his patronus.

The first half of the album holds 12 songs. If this were released by itself as an album, it would still be held as a classic for it is simply that good.

It includes the legendary song “God’s Plan”, one of the most streamed songs ever, and a key feature from Jay-Z.

Is There Some Streaming Exclusive to the Song?

Not at all! Though dropping on Apple Music first, Scorpion was very soon on Tidal, Pandora, Amazon, and more, with a weirdly delayed landing on Spotify. But it’s there now, too.

And unlike the one from Beyoncé and Jay-Z, it’s free to listen to. So live frugal-est! But if you do want to listen on Apple Music, a bonus is an added editor’s note.

Usually, those are written by the staff to describe the album, but this one appears to come from Drake.

Final Thoughts

In sum, the title of Drake’s album “Scorpion” is a multiple-practical choice, perhaps capturing not only the persona of the artist but likely also the themes explored within the music. Symbolically, the qualities of a season are dual, mirroring the protective and aggressive qualities in Drake’s life and career.

The album, as an analogy, takes its lens inward, into the relationships, into the downfalls and the motivations of fame, and symbolizes by analogy what it takes to avoid the snares of pitfalls and benefits of the music industry and life overall with the stinger of a scorpion.

That’s why this title says it all about the mysteriousness of the art that is Drake: the raw and authentic story that’s laced within those tracks.