Why Did Jon Snow Kill Daenerys? What Drove Him to Betrayal?

In the finale of Game of Thrones, Jon Snow ended the life of Daenerys Targaryen, following her transformation into the Mad Queen during the preceding episode. Why did Jon Snow kill Daenerys? Now, let’s delve into the reasons behind Jon’s decision.

Why Did Daenerys Become the Mad Queen?

Dany’s isolation and loneliness played a crucial role in her descent into madness. Throughout her life, she had been a foreigner and an outsider, never truly belonging anywhere. 

Despite her initial intentions to break the wheel and create a better world, she found herself increasingly alienated and surrounded by people who either feared her power or sought to manipulate her for their gain.

Moreover, the loss of her trusted advisors, such as Jorah Mormont and Ser Barristan Selmy, left Dany without the wise counsel she desperately needed. 

In their absence, she became more susceptible to the influence of characters like Varys and Tyrion, who had their agendas and may have pushed her towards extreme actions.

Another contributing factor to Dany’s descent into madness was her growing frustration with the resistance she faced in Westeros. 

Despite liberating Slaver’s Bay and earning the loyalty of the Unsullied and the Dothraki, she encountered resistance at every turn in her quest for the Iron Throne. 

This constant opposition, coupled with her increasing paranoia, fueled her belief that she needed to rule through fear rather than love.

Ultimately, Dany’s transformation into the Mad Queen was a culmination of personal trauma, isolation, and the pressures of power. 

While the specific events mentioned above played a significant role in her descent, it was the convergence of multiple factors that led to her tragic downfall.

Why Did Jon Snow Kill Daenerys?

Jon made the difficult but necessary choice to kill Daenerys because she had become insane, resulting in the massacre of the people in King’s Landing. He embraced her one last time, declaring his loyalty, before fatally stabbing her.

Before ending her life, Jon offered Daenerys a final opportunity to demonstrate that she could change. He pleaded with her to spare Tyrion, who had been condemned for treason. 

However, she rejected his plea, justifying her lack of mercy by claiming it was essential for her pursuit of a perfect world. Jon realized that Daenerys was unwilling to relent and would continue to mercilessly slaughter innocent people in her quest for perfection.

Final Thoughts

To address the question of whether Daenerys would have changed, the answer is a straightforward no. 

Ultimately, she remained true to her nature—a captivating and inspirational leader with a distorted vision of the future, determined to achieve her goals through destruction and bloodshed.