Why Did Kya Kill Chase? What Unraveled in Their Story?

Why Did Kya Kill Chase? Olivia Newman is the director of the 2022 crime drama Where The Crawdads Sing, which is based on the same-titled book. The main character of the movie is a girl who was raised by herself in a marsh and is suspected of killing a city boy.

Though contentious, Where the Crawdads Sing concludes the tale of Kya and the murder trial. This is an explanation of the Where the Crawdads Sing ending.

Why Did Kya Kill Chase?

With all of its twists and turns, the Where the Crawdads Sing ending leaves many viewers wondering not just how Kya killed Chase, but also why she did it in the first place.

Daisy Edgar-Jones plays Kya in the movie. Kya is a simple marsh dweller from North Carolina who is charged with killing her ex-boyfriend Chase Andrews.

Kya murdered Chase because she didn’t want to live in constant fear or go back to her early years. She was familiar with the experience of cohabiting with an abusive man and the degree of psychological and physical harm it caused.

Kya was a naturally occurring woman who had an abusive father as a child. Chase was someone who deceived her, abused her sexually, and took advantage of her.

Since she was raised in a marsh, she was in tune with nature and may not have adhered to human morality or laws.

Kya killed Chase because she was reacting to him in the same way that predators in the animal kingdom react to worried but competent prey, like crawdads.

Although she didn’t intentionally choose this, there is an obvious thematic connection. One can only wonder how Kya carried out the murder. Kya wasn’t even in town when he was killed, Tom Milton revealed during her trial.

The plan was for her to board the bus in a different town, kill Chase during the night (probably by pushing him off the tower with the loose grate), and take an additional bus back to her hotel at 2:00 in the morning.

Where The Crawdads Sing Ends?

Kya practically strolled out of the courtroom and into Tate’s (Taylor John Smith) arms. Tate expressed regret for ever abandoning her after her name was cleared.

He clarified that, although he had nearly lost her, he had rejected the idea that he had to choose between her and his future.

Crawdads Sing, Tate, and Kya formally became a couple. In their small marsh house, they studied and collected samples of various wildlife for decades.

In the last moments of the film, Kya (Leslie France) experienced a final hallucination of her mother and passed away from old age.

Final Thoughts

Because Kya didn’t want to live in constant fear and endure abuse like she had as a child, she killed Chase. Kya believed that Chase was a predator and that what she was doing was essential to her survival.