Why Did Josh Donaldson Leave the Braves? What Led to This?

For Josh Donaldson, re-signing with the Braves isn’t a good option for him, and he had three reasons for preferring a stint with the Twins that guarantees him $92 million over four years instead of the $100 million.

Donaldson signed with the free-agent third baseman from the Twins, along with incentives that could take the deal to $104 million.

What Made Josh Donaldson’s Exit From The Braves?

The reason was because of the money and the opportunity involved . The Twins were going to pay him more than the Brave and he was going to gain more in the long run.

In his speech, he said “It was tough to make that decision, but ultimately (the Twins offer) wasn’t in the same realm for me as far as financially is concerned,” Donaldson said of his decision to leave the Braves after a one-year stint. “Ultimately, this is my 13th year in the big leagues and I’ve been on a lot of one-year contracts.

The Twins were in a position where they could offer me a lengthy deal where I thought it was right for me and my family and ultimately that is what the decision came down to.”

Josh Donaldson Announces His Retirement

Josh Donaldson, a 13-year star player at the third base position, who brought so many prestigious awards home from his time playing Major League Baseball, including 2015 American League MVP by simply leading in runs and RBIs, announced his decision to retire.

He also won the Silver Slugger Award and made the All-Star Game three times. “It’s sad because I can no longer go out and play the sport I love, but it’s also a very happy moment because I can spend more time with family and embark on the next chapter in life,” noted Donaldson.

Final Thoughts

Part of Donaldson’s leaving the Braves has more than any other king included, perhaps the biggest parts, contract negotiations, and financial concerns.

Add this to some budgeting logjam the Braves had with strategic roster decisions to make, all above and more, Donaldson may have wanted out of the team’s reach. Besides, a player’s ability and team chemistry can always be changed by the next game.

While to some Braves fans, this perhaps would bring up feelings of disappointment, it’s, in fact, a dynamism about player movements and reshuffles in sports organizations.