Why Did Kanye Name His Baby North West? What Inspired This?

Why Did Kanye Name His Baby North West? Given their reputation for unconventionality, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s choice of baby names did not disappoint! The internet was ablaze with rumors when they announced the name of their daughter, North West.

Was that a nudge in the direction of the compass? or a celebration of their surname? For whatever reason, the couple’s distinct personality and sense of style have come to be associated with the term North West.

Why Did Kanye Name His Baby North West?

North West is a unique name with much meaning behind it. Even though “North West” seems like a playful homage to Kanye’s Chicago roots, it’s more than that.

The following are some potential meanings for the name:

According to sources, Kanye views “North” as a symbol of the supreme force, ultimate direction, his daughter’s potential, and his desire for her to achieve great things.

“West” could indicate a spirit of exploration and adventure, encouraging North to think outside the box and pick her path. It could also be a veiled reference to Kanye’s journey from Midwest upbringing to international artistic success.

While not a huge influence, Kanye’s moniker references his Chicago roots. “West” is associated with the city, whilst “North” could represent either its location or its role as a compass guiding Kanye’s course.

Ultimately, “North West” was chosen as the name since it pleased both Kim and Kanye. It expressed their desire, for independence, and ties to their family’s past.

How Many Children do Kim and Kanye have?

Although they are divorced, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are parents to four gorgeous kids: North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm.

The oldest, North West, was born in 2013 and has gained affection for her inventiveness and attitude. Born in 2015, Saint West is well-known for his endearing smile and calm demeanor.

Chicago West, their daughter, entered the family in 2018 and brought brightness and unbounded energy.

Psalm West, the newest member of the foursome, was surrogate-born in 2019 and completes the group. He has a great spirit and contagious giggles.

Even though Kim and Kanye are no longer romantically involved, they put their roles as parents first and make sure their kids have all the love and support they need.

Kim is the primary caregiver and they share joint custody, but they make an effort to keep their kids out of the spotlight.

Final Words

Kim and Kanye’s decision to use the moniker North West has made it iconic in its own right. And, while we may never know the specific rationale for the selection, one thing is certain: it is a name connected with inventiveness, uniqueness, and a little of controversy.