Why Did Kanye West and Julia Fox Breakup? What Led to the Split?

Why did Kanye West and Julia Fox breakup? Julia Fox had her reasons for breaking up with Kanye “Ye” West. After an amazing romance earlier this year, the 32-year-old actress spilled the tea during an interview with ES magazine. They asked her about the “red flags” that played a part in their breakup.

If you wanna find out why Julia Fox ended their relationship with Kanye West, then this page is for you. Read through to find out.

Why Did Kanye West and Julia Fox Breakup?

The 32-year-old actress shared insights into what led to their breakup, pointing to the rapper’s spontaneous lifestyle and his “hectic” schedule as contributing factors.

According to her “It feels like you’re just going with the flow, but the flow is very hectic, if that makes sense. It’s a lot of last-minute decisions or deciding to go somewhere at the last minute and activating when needed,” she said, ”When I’m with Ye… But even when I’m with my son, it’s also very difficult.”

Julia also says she was not used to his celebrity status, “I’ve never been operating at the level that Ye is,” adding, “I never wanted to be super-mega-famous. It’s a life-ender for some celebrities. They become reclusive and paranoid and hide. I refuse to live authentically.

Kanye West is Now Married To Bianca Censori

In a surprising twist, Kanye West has reportedly taken the plunge with Yeezy architect Bianca Censori, just two months after officially parting ways with Kim Kardashian.

Word on the street is that the 45-year-old rapper threw a low-key celebration, sealing the deal with Bianca, and keen-eyed observers have caught glimpses of them rocking wedding rings.

Last week, Kanye was spotted proudly wearing his wedding band, sparking rumors that the ring is a visible symbol of his deep commitment to Bianca after their private ceremony.

Despite all the wedding vibes, it’s worth noting that this union doesn’t carry legal weight. There’s no sign of a filed marriage certificate, according to the scoop from DailyMail.com.

What Does Bianca Censori Do for a Living?

Censor wears many hats; she’s not just an architectural designer for Yeezy but has a few other hustles up her sleeve.

One of her ventures is a personal jewelry line she named Nylons. Back in 2016, she shared with i-D that the brand kicked off with her crafting simple chokers from mesh.

According to her, she said “I started selling those and from there, it slowly kept growing,” she said. “Once I started architecture I still wanted some sort of creative outlet so I kept making jewelry as something to do on the side and it grew into a business!”

Final Thoughts

Sadly, they broke up. Explaining the red flag she noticed in West, Fox hinted that his highly publicized divorce from Kim Kardashian was a significant factor in her decision to step back.

“It boils down to the unresolved issues he was grappling with,” she shared. “It just felt like there was a lot he needed to sort out, and honestly, I don’t have the time, energy, bandwidth, or emotional capacity for it.”