Why Did Kanye West Go Missing? What Went Wrong?

Twitter was buzzing on Sunday (January 8) as Kanye West showed up unexpectedly at a local church over the weekend. The mysterious superstar had been laying low for a few weeks, and people were getting worried about where he’d been.

The rumors started swirling last month after his former business manager, Thomas St. John, mentioned he couldn’t track Kanye down.

Someone who spotted Kanye at the church managed to snap a photo, and soon it started circulating online. Rocking a green bomber jacket, a camo baseball cap, and jeans, he looked just like any regular person attending a church service.

Why Did Kanye West Go Missing

There has not been any substantial reason why Kanye West went missing.

The unfounded rumors took flight after a hip-hop news Twitter account, Daily Loud, asserted that Kanye West was missing.

According to the publication’s tweet, “Kanye West has reportedly been missing and unable to find for weeks according to his ex-business manager.”

This baseless yet viral tweet has racked up over 11 million views and more than 6,000 retweets. The anonymous ex-business manager has not addressed the rumor, and there have been no official reports on Ye’s disappearance.

Kanye West Sues His Record Label

On Wednesday (Sept. 6), Kanye West, now going by Ye, took legal action in California against those responsible for taking and spreading copies of his music on social media.

In the lawsuit, Ye claims trade secret misappropriation and breach of contract, pointing to unauthorized leaks of his copyrighted works on both Instagram and X (formerly Twitter). He argues that these leaks have inflicted “substantial harm” to his reputation.

Final Thoughts

Kanye West made a public appearance for the first time in weeks, dispelling concerns raised by a former business manager who labeled the rapper as “missing.”

Thomas St John, who served as the senior financial advisor to the “Gold Digger” musician for 18 months, is reportedly taking legal action against West for non-payment.

St John, however, expressed difficulty in finding the rapper to serve him with the lawsuit.