Why Did Kellie Pickler Stop Singing? What Led to Her Hiatus?

If you’re a big fan of American Idol, you probably remember when Kellie Pickler appeared on the show during the fifth season. Kellie became a star in the country music world for the next ten years. But Why did Kellie Pickler stop singing? Keep reading to find out all the known details about Kellie’s life today.

Why Did Kellie Pickler Stop Singing?

Kellie, a famous country music star, captivated millions of fans with her rise to fame. However, people are now curious about why she stopped singing. 

Her last album, “The Woman I Am,” was released in 2013, and since then, she hasn’t put out any new music for about ten years. Many wonder what led to this decision.

Interestingly, Kellie has never directly explained why her music slowed down over the past decade. 

Instead, she has been exploring other creative avenues such as television, film, and live theater. She has delved into various interests and pursuits, expanding her horizons beyond music. 

While there is no definite answer as to when or if Kellie will release new songs for her fans, she did mention the possibility in 2020. 

She spoke about her collaboration with her husband, Kyle Jacobs, stating that they had been writing music together. Kyle, who was also a producer, had been working hard on projects for other artists. 

Kellie expressed their readiness to enter the studio and create new music that would bring healing and support to people.

However, tragedy struck when Kyle died on February 17, 2023, from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. This devastating event left any potential release of their collaborative works uncertain and in a state of limbo.

Where is Kellie Pickler Now?

While Kellie isn’t currently sharing new music, her life has undergone significant changes recently. 

As mentioned before, her husband passed away in February 2023. Shortly after this heartbreaking event, it was revealed that Kellie would be leaving her position as the midday on-air personality at SiriusXM’s The Highway. 

Surprisingly, she didn’t provide any explanation for her departure and has been maintaining a low profile on social media since her husband’s passing.

When is Kelley Pickler Releasing New Music?

Without a doubt, Kellie Pickler is thriving with all her ongoing projects. However, it was her musical talent that truly brought her fame. Therefore, the burning question remains: When will Kellie Pickler bless us with new music?

In an interview with Sounds Like Nashville, the beloved country star shared, “My husband and I have been writing some music. 

He has been hard at work producing for other artists, but we are now eager to return to the studio and release new music that will bring healing and support to people.”

While Kellie Pickler is undeniably a hard worker, she has also been taking the time to appreciate life’s simple pleasures in recent years. 

Like many others, the COVID-19 pandemic reminded her to prioritize what truly matters, reconnect with her roots, establish boundaries with people, and remain grounded.

Final Thoughts

Kellie Pickler hasn’t completely stopped singing. She is definitely keeping herself occupied with other equally important endeavors, such as her involvement with the USO. 

Additionally, let’s not forget that she also became a wife, which required her to dedicate herself to that role as well. We all know that balancing multiple responsibilities can be quite challenging at times.

As for her music, Kellie still had her sights set on creating new songs. Unfortunately, the recent tragedy of her husband’s passing has likely put those plans on hold for now.