Why Did Tucker Carlson Leave Fox? What Prompted His Departure?

Why did Tucker Carlson leave Fox? Tucker Carlson, the popular TV personality, has finally spoken up after leaving Fox News unexpectedly. In a video shared on Twitter, he didn’t directly talk about being fired, but his message was clear.

Who is Tucker Carlson?

Tucker Carlson, an American conservative pundit and popular TV talk show host, made a big impact on American politics by promoting far-right ideas. He was known for taking extreme positions on various political and social issues. 

He supported white nationalism and authoritarian leaders of other countries. Many times, he relied on claims that were either false or misleading, including baseless conspiracy theories. 

His show, Tucker Carlson Tonight, aired on the Fox News Channel from 2016 to 2023, and it had a strong influence on former President Donald Trump, who regularly watched it.

Why Did Tucker Carlson Leave Fox?

Tucker Carlson, a popular star on Fox News, had a large following for his show, Tucker Carlson Tonight, where he often expressed xenophobic and racist views. Surprisingly, he left the network without giving an explanation on Monday. 

Reports suggest that Fox owner Rupert Murdoch personally fired Carlson for various reasons, including his use of vulgar language to describe a female executive.

After his departure, Carlson posted a mysterious two-minute video on Twitter. He didn’t clarify why he left but made sweeping complaints about the current state of American conversations. 

He mentioned that when he took a break from the noise, he noticed how nice some people can be. He also criticized the debates on television, calling them stupid and irrelevant, saying that we will forget about them within five years.

Fox News hasn’t made a public statement about why they let go of Carlson, but it happened shortly after the network settled a defamation lawsuit by paying $787.5 million to Dominion, a voting equipment company.

It’s been reported that Carlson’s departure is connected to a lawsuit filed by his former senior booking producer, Abby Grossberg, who accused the network of sexism and creating a hostile work environment.

In an official statement, Fox News mentioned that Carlson and the network “mutually” agreed to part ways. They immediately filled his time slot with a rotating group of hosts until a permanent replacement was found.

Final Thoughts

In his video, Carlson hinted that his fans haven’t seen the last of him. He mentioned that there are still a few places where Americans speak the truth and that as long as we can hear those words, there is hope. He concluded by saying, “See you soon.”