Why Did Kelly Clarkson Get Divorced? What Happened?

Why Did Kelly Clarkson Get Divorced? Kelly Clarkson is known for her powerful voice, infectious personality, and her success on shows like “American Idol” and “The Voice.” But in 2020, she faced a big change in her personal life when she filed for divorce from her husband, Brandon Blackstock.

This shocked many fans, who wondered what could have led to such a drastic decision. We will explore the events that led up to the divorce and what it means for Clarkson’s future.

Why Did Kelly Clarkson Get Divorced?

Kelly Clarkson and her husband, Brandon Blackstock, filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences. Before the divorce, the couple had been married for over seven years, having married in October 2013.

Clarkson’s divorce proceedings became public in June 2020, when she officially filed for divorce. Several stories and remarks from both parties have given light on the grounds behind their divorce.

One element that surfaced was the stress generated by their hectic schedules, which frequently kept them apart.

Clarkson’s hectic schedule as a popular singer, talk show host, and “The Voice” coach required her to spend a significant amount of time away from home. Blackstock, a talent manager, had a demanding work schedule as well.

Also, sources stated that the couple had been experiencing difficulties in their relationship for some time and that the choice to divorce was not made lightly.

The COVID-19 epidemic and subsequent lockdowns may have exacerbated to their stress, as many couples found themselves negotiating new relationships as their time spent together grew.

Clarkson has been candid about the emotional toll of her divorce on her talk show, “The Kelly Clarkson Show.”

Despite the obstacles, she has remained focused on co-parenting and protecting the well-being of their two children, River and Remington.

What Kelly Clarkson’s Divorce Teaches Us About Spousal Support

Judges apply a formula based on guidelines prescribed by California statutes and local rules for granting temporary spousal support.

However, the elements listed in California Family Code Section 4320 must be taken into account by the judge when making the final spousal order.

A few things to consider are the duration of the marriage, the need and financial situation of each partner, their age and health, and the earning potential and qualifications of the supported spouse.

As you can see, the court has a lot to think about while deciding whether to provide permanent assistance.

Facts like quitting your employment and your earning potential take on significance. particularly when discussing the sponsored spouse’s ultimate transition to self-sufficiency.

Final Words

It’s important to note that the details surrounding celebrity divorces are often private matters, and the public may not have access to all the intricacies of the relationship.

While Clarkson and Blackstock have shared some insights, the true intricacies of their decision to divorce remain largely personal.