Why Did Kim Kardashian Win Man of the Year? What Led to This?

Why Did Kim Kardashian Win Man of the Year? Kim Kardashian is an entrepreneur, reality television celebrity, aspiring lawyer, and mother of four. Despite her numerous honors, many people are left wondering why Kim Kardashian appears on the cover of GQ’s ‘Man of the Year’ issue.

Why Did Kim Kardashian Win Man of the Year?

Kim received the title of Man of the Year after expanding her multibillion-dollar Skims company to include menswear. She also established a deal with the NBA to become the league’s official underwear.

Jens Grede, cofounder of Skims, described Kim as the Michael Jordan of the influencer generation.

Many 19-year-olds who have never seen Jordan play basketball and do not play the sport themselves wear Air Jordans every day. Perhaps you don’t watch The Kardashians every week, but you are a Skims customer.”

The reality personality stated that she expanded into menswear because she “just wanted men to find out what all the hype is about.”

Kim wore a variety of menswear designs as well as more traditional dazzling clothes for her Man of the Year cover shoot. In her interview with the magazine, the ambitious law student largely talked about how she was motivated by her late father, Robert Kardashian, who died in 2003.

The Kardashians have long been headed by matriarch Kris Jenner, so revealing Kim’s influence from a father figure was the ideal anecdote.

What Other Women Have Been Man of the Year?

The journal has always selected women for the Man of the Year title. Back in 2005, Jennifer Aniston became the first female winner of the award.

Other females featured on the Man of the Year cover include

  • Mila Kunis (2011)
  • Rihanna (2012)
  • Shailene Woodley (2014)
  • Gal Gadot (2017)
  • Serena Williams (2018)
  • Jennifer Lopez (2019)
  • Megan Thee Stallion (2020)

What Is Kim Kardashian’s Net Worth?

No matter how much backlash Kim has faced for winning Man of the Year, she has emerged as a remarkable success story. Forbes estimates that the mother of four is worth more than $1.7 billion.

Skims is the primary source of Kim’s $4 billion worth of riches. In 2020, she also sold for $200 million 20% of her cosmetics brand, KKW Beauty, which has since closed.

Along with her over 15-year career in reality television, Kim owns her skincare line SKKN, a private equity fund, a variety of real estate assets, and more.

Final Words

The Man of the Year award is just one example of how celebrity culture can be unpredictable and surprising. But beyond the headlines, it’s a reminder that we can never truly know someone else’s story.