Why Did Kim Kardashian Name Her Daughter North? What Triggered This Decision?

Why Did Kim Kardashian Name Her Daughter North? Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, stars of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, gave their children unusual names. When it comes to naming their children, most well-known celebrities want unique and meaningful names.

Kim Kardashian’s decision to name her daughter North left their fans fascinated. But why North?

Why Did Kim Kardashian Name Her Daughter North?

While it appears to be a planned, symbolic name, the initial nudge came from an unexpected source. Kanye West playfully suggested the name “North” during an appearance on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” and while Kim first ignored it, the seed was sown.

Kim found the name “North” appealing for a variety of reasons. “You can’t go higher than North,” she said, meaning that was their highest point in a relationship.

Also, family friend Pharrell Williams expressed positive interpretations of the word’s meaning, which solidified her decision.

Initially, Kim was hesitant, even claiming on the show that she would not name her daughter North. However, once the initial surprise wore off, the name began to grow on her, aided by positive replies from friends and family.

This change shows how names may evolve and gain significance through personal ties and interpretations.

Interestingly, North West has grown into her name. With her strong personality and artistic tendencies, she appears to represent some of the notions connected with “North.”

Notably, she picked “North” as her rap name, demonstrating her acceptance of her parents’ distinctive moniker.

Why Does North Want to Live With Her Dad?

Kim Kardashian publicly addressed North’s remarks from “The Kardashians,” in which North said she preferred the “simpler” way of life at Kanye’s apartment because it didn’t have Kim’s mansion’s massive staff and security detail.

North’s growing sense of independence and yearning for a less regimented atmosphere may be reflected in this.

There is much evidence of Kanye and North’s close friendship. He paints and composes music with her for a good portion of their time together. She might naturally pull toward him because of their deep bond.

North is approaching a period of growing autonomy and self-awareness at the age of ten. She might be comparing her parents’ homes because she wants to be more independent and explore new places.

North’s growing interest in fashion and design is in line with Kanye’s well-known encouragement of creativity and artistic expression. Maybe in his setting, she feels more confident to pursue these interests.

Final Words

Although the name “North” was first proposed as a joke, Kim and Kanye gave it more significance by adding their own words to it, making it a name with more meaning than meets the eye. This shows how naming a kid can be an individualized, complex, and evolving process.