Why Did Georgia Kill Tom? What Motivated This Action?

Why did Georgia Kill Tom? Georgia killed Tom in the thrilling season 2 finale of Ginny and Georgia. It was the worst possible moment for the Miller family, as their hidden secrets finally caught up with them. 

Why Did Georgia Kill Tom?

In the end, we discover that Georgia is a killer. She used poison to murder two of her ex-husbands: Kenny, whom she poisoned after he misbehaved towards Ginny, and Anthony Greene, who owned the hotel where Georgia worked when Ginny was a baby. 

Georgia assisted Anthony in running illegal gambling events, and when she was caught, she married him to prevent Ginny from going into foster care. However, Anthony turned abusive, so Georgia drugged his drink with pills and had the Blood Eyes biker gang cover it up.

Cordova didn’t have sufficient evidence to prosecute Georgia for these crimes, even after months of investigation. However, he did find out that Georgia was present when Cynthia Fuller’s sick husband, Tom, started experiencing a medical emergency a few nights ago. 

Nick informed Cordova before the wedding that Georgia was in the room with Tom when he collapsed and later passed away. The private investigator believed this was enough to have Georgia arrested on suspicion, and unfortunately, his instincts were correct.

At the beginning of Episode 9, titled “Kill Gill,” Cynthia witnessed Gil attacking Georgia at Austin’s school. Despite being adversaries in the first season, the two mothers gradually developed a friendship throughout the current season. 

After helping Georgia escape from Gil, Cynthia took it upon herself to ensure Gil would be unable to rent any apartments in Wellsbury. This gesture touched Georgia, and she wanted to repay the favor by assisting Cynthia somehow. 

Regrettably, she decided to help her friend by suffocating her husband Tom, who had been in a vegetative state and receiving hospice care throughout the season.

How Does Austin Know that Georgia Killed Someone?

In the last scene of the finale, Georgia is escorted to a police car while Paul, the kids, and the wedding guests watch. 

The song “Going to the Chapel” plays, and Ginny holds onto her little brother tightly. Suddenly, he blurts out a secret, saying, “I didn’t tell anyone,” before rushing out of the cop car.

On the night Tom passed away, Austin was playing hide and seek in the Fuller house. He hid in his father’s closet, and witnessed everything when Georgia entered the room and smothered Tom with a pillow.

At the beginning of the finale, the Miller family had a big secret to hide: they covered up Gil’s shooting from Paul.

Final Thoughts

In that final scene, as Ginny processes what Austin revealed and the cop car drives down Main Street while the family arrives in Wellsbury, viewers are left wondering if the family of three can, or should, keep this new crime hidden from the authorities.