Why Did Laena Kill Herself? What Were the Circumstances Surrounding Her Tragic Act?

Everyone was shocked and somewhat perplexed by Laena Velaryon’s death in House of the Dragon episode 6. Ultimately, she appeared to be living a contented life alongside her spouse Daemon, and their two daughters.

Why did Laena kill herself? – We will answer this question and unravel the circumstances that led her to kill herself. Let’s get started.

Why Did Laena Kill Herself?

Laena desired to die a dragon rider’s death, and based on what we saw in episode 1, she was doomed to die whether they sliced her open or not. She was amid a difficult labor.

Furthermore, the Maester was unsure whether the infant would live if they tore open Laena’s womb to extract the child. Daemon was also very opposed to the plan, which meant Laena’s misery would only worsen.

Laena decided to kill because she did not want others to decide how she would die; instead, she took matters into her own hands and selected the good ol’ death of a dragon-rider, just as she desired; as opposed to what happened in the novel.

Now, the production may have deviated from the plot of the source material to give the character more depth or to give her the finish she deserved. They probably also didn’t want to simply replicate what happened in episode 1.

How did Laena Kill Herself?

The sixth episode of House of the Dragon begins with a 10-year time jump, revealing that Laena is happily married to Daemon and has two daughters with him. A third child was on the way, and this is when things got complicated.

Laena was having a very tough childbirth near the end of the episode. It reminded me of what Aemma had gone through.

And, like Aemma, Laena was doomed to die anyhow because she couldn’t push the baby out. However, the Maester suggests to Daemon another option, which is to cut up Laena and extract the infant, but this may also be futile.

Laena, on the other hand, takes matters into her own hands and goes towards her dragon Vhagar, commanding the dragon to incinerate her.

After some hesitation, Vhagar gives in, witnessing Laena’s misery, or better yet, feeling her agony (since dragons and their riders have a type of connection), and burns her to death, relieving her of her earthly affliction.

Laena’s Death in the Book Fire & Blood?

Laena’s death in the book was very different from how it played out in the show.

Laena gives birth to a deformed boy who dies an hour later in the novel. She then became ill for several days as a result of the unusually arduous labor. She died three days later, distraught.

Laena tried to ride Vhagar one last time before she died but died before she could. Daemon then returned her body to her bed.

Final Words

It may appear to be a cowardly choice to simply die to avoid all of the misery. Laena’s fate, however, was sealed the moment her birthing went awry. In her eyes, the alternative was between dying pitifully on the birthing bed or dying as she saw fit.

Laena chose the latter, and in doing so, she lived up to her reputation as an independent and fearless lady.

What are your opinions on Laena committing suicide? Were you taken aback? Did it appear to be a needless move? Tell us in the comments section!!