Why Did Lil Nas X’s Music Video Get Banned? What Went Wrong?

Lil Nas X recently released one of the most controversial video the world has ever seen, the video is for his new song called“MONTERO,”. Lil Nas X has so far received backlash from conservatives. The YouTube video to this song showcased theatrical re-enactments of biblical stories and a raunchy dance number consisting of Lil Nas X dancing with the devil.

What Led to the Ban of Lil Nas X’s Music Video?

The song was not banned, it was just met with criticism. People are calling him out for being disrespectful towards their religion, to which Lil Nas X answered, “Y’all love saying we going to hell but get upset when I go there.”

Even in his relatively light response to the hate he was receiving, it was quite valid in the sense that the same people who were expressing their hatred for this video were also hating on the community that is LGBTQ+.

It begins with its Garden of Eden re-envisioned as a futuristic landscape. In that garden—throughout which he’s somehow both crooning and perching with feeling enough that one might be moved to say he almost serenades the snake wrapping itself around a tree behind him—the character finds himself conversing charismatically with other figures in this dream world.

What Message Is Lil Nas X Trying to Convey?

And this is where the stormy relationship begins to take center stage, that of being between the LGBT+ community and conservative groups.

The war for spiritual beliefs and fundamental freedoms is age-old and has been seen to develop a social divide that has either driven many LGBT+ members out of church communities or to be excommunicated by family due to sexual orientation.

However, it goes further than the usual quarrel and instead speaks to a hurt felt by the LGBT+ feelings labeled to them by their conservative counterparts.

Name-calling them sins, evil, devilish-like, etc. has been one way to hit out at them with a vengeance. This group has faced extreme discrimination and, as Lil Nas X showed, social alienation.

Final Thoughts

The accompanying music video to ‘Montero (Call Me By Your Name)’ has also been the source of a lot of online noise since the song was released at the beginning of the year, with conservative groups condemning it for the messaging the song contains and the visual content in the video.

While his fans are behind the artist supporting him, seeing no problem with him expressing his creativity in such a manner, others are calling for a clampdown on the music and the video.

Many members of the LGBT+ community praised the video for its storytelling and message, with some saying that Lil Nas X is a hero himself for using his platform for such a potent call: music that speaks positively about a vulnerable group.