Why Did Lil Nas X Leave Twitter? What Went Wrong?

Why Did Lil Nas X Leave Twitter? Lil Nas X is known for being unapologetically himself, so when he left Twitter, it came as a surprise to many. What could have possibly driven him to leave the platform that had helped him become such a huge star? Keep reading to find out.

Why Lil Nas X Left Twitter for Months

Lil Nas X returned to Twitter after a nearly four-month sabbatical, and he has made up for lost time. The artist reactivated his seemingly defunct Twitter account in March 2022, the first time since early December 2021, much to the pleasure of his 7.5 million fans.

When he returned to Twitter, Lil Nas X posted a humorous tweet implying that he was on maternity leave. He also claimed that he is overjoyed to be back on the internet and that he has greatly missed himself.

The 22-year-old Grammy-winning star is as social media savvy as they come, frequently using Twitter to communicate and joke with his fans — so when he fell silent in December after testing positive for COVID, fans were concerned.

Lil Nas X’s comeback to Twitter contained his trademark sense of humor, as well as a series of pictures showcasing the various haircuts he’s had during his absence.

He also hinted on two tracks, reportedly titled “Down Souf Hoes (feat. Saucy Santana)” and “Late to the Party (feat. YoungBoy)”, and joked about his likeness to TikTok star Victor Kunda.

Lil Nas X Love for Tweeting on the Regular

Though Lil Nas X’s frequent tweeting habits make it understandable that he marketed “Old Town Road” on Twitter numerous times a day, not everyone is suited for a 24/7 online presence and frequent tweeting about a project.

He even Tweets about tweeting, accompanied by a video of himself dancing, showcasing his fun and self-aware approach to work promotion.

Even though Billy Ray Cyrus’ remix of “Old Town Road” had already topped the Billboard Hot 100 at this point, Nas used Twitter to keep the debate going about the song.

What About Lil Nas X Meme Culture

Meme culture is nothing new to Lil Nas X. His natural grasp of it transcends his own digital native Gen Z experience; his Tweets are as much a part of #JokeTwitter as they are basically about his music.

By their very nature, memes encourage collaboration and replication. In addition to being a clever method of self-promotion for Nas and his music, his original memes provide fans with an enjoyable means of interacting with him, leading to Lil Nas X Retweeting his favorites.

Final Words

Overall, the reason for Lil Nas X’s current Twitter sabbatical cannot be completely confirmed. Given his previous behavior and candor about personal issues, the possibility of a health condition, emphasizing mental well-being, and avoiding negativity all appear realistic.

It’s also worth noting that Lil Nas X has an active presence on other sites like Instagram, where he continues to communicate with followers and give updates.