Why Did Rihanna Write Te Amo? What inspired Her?

Te Amo is a song recorded by the singer and songwriter Rihanna on 28th May 2010, from her album, Rated R. The melody and rhythm score high, though, in the song. Rihanna is quite good in that respect. She knows how the music should be and has turned out many hits.

Why Did Rihanna Write Te Amo?

The song is about Rihanna’s lesbian friend. Her friend loves her yet Rihanna does not feel the same way about her. ‘Te Amo’ is Spanish for ‘I love you’ as is said in the lyrics.

At first, Rihanna is shocked by the word ‘Te Amo’ because she,, does not understand it. Later, she realizes that her friend means when she says ‘Te Amo’ meaning that she loves her.

Her friend doesn’t want to let go of her but Rihanna doesn’t feel that way about her.

Meaning of Te Amo by Rihanna

It is heavenly with songs in the world of music that turn the hearts of fans with entwining music and deep messages. Among such songs is Rihanna’s “Te Amo” with its struggle of love and passion.

The major underlying theme in the song is a forbidden love affair that is elaborated to bring out the complications of emotions and a difficult scenario to let go. However, one notable lyric of “Te Amo” is “I hear the pain in her voice, then we danced underneath the candelabra.

Final Thoughts

This single is a departure from other recent Rihanna releases as she goes back to her R&B roots and with the incorporation of more Latin elements in her sound. Through the blend of the two genres, ‘Te Amo’ is given a characteristic flavor that stands out.

Last but not least, there are complex guitar riffs, and very inspired vocal parts, while Spanish lyrics in parts of the song just manage to top its charm.

Adding to that, the music video of ‘Te Amo’ is to be reminiscent of Hollywood classic films like ‘Casablanca’ and ‘Gone With The Wind’. Fans, however, have acclaimed this music video not for the visuals but also the quality of audio in this video thus considering it one of the best projects by Rihanna as of now.