Why Did Rita Moreno Join One Day at a Time? What Prompted This Decision?

There’s something magical that happens when television does bring a character to life, and few stars shine brighter than Rita Moreno. She has charisma and talent, she ventured into yet another adventure when she joined the cast of “One Day at a Time.” So, let’s have a look at why Rita Moreno did join the cast of this beloved sitcom and the remarkable impact she made.

Why Did Rita Moreno join One Day at a Time?

For Morena, joining the “One Day at a Time” cast had so much to do with her overarching need to be a part of good storytelling coupled with her passions for promoting diversity in Hollywood.

Moreno, who is of Puerto Rican heritage, said that what made this so appealing was getting to be a part of storytelling that highlighted Latinx culture and dealing with contemporary issues of society.

The character of Lydia Riera, a vivacious and affectionate grandmother, attracted Moreno to play the matriarch character with a lot of depth. In an interview, Moreno excitedly started talking about how a character that makes women shine on the screen with a lot of strength and vitality when portrayed by people through diversified backgrounds.

The Impact of Rita Moreno’s Presence on the Show

Once Rita Moreno joined the cast of “One Day at a Time,” the character she played, Lydia Riera, brought so much more to what one would have to guess was written on the page, making the Alvarez family real.

Her acting skills expertise magically plays promisingly in the sitcom, adding comedy where it lacks, and brings temperatures of warmth with reverberation. Beyond Moreno’s onscreen work, her influence seeped through the show in so many other ways.

Just the fact that she was a pioneer creator was a way to really up the profile of the show, not to say the least of what she brought to the role as a performer. 

The cultural impingement that having Rita Moreno go on the show translated into a composite when the character Lydia was not just a source of laughter but resiliency, strength, and even symbolic of family.

Final Thoughts

Rita Moreno’s decision to join ‘One Day at a Time’ lay upon a path that contributed to the Latinx culture narrative, which was baked into everything it is great at, amongst many other contributors.

Her presence on the show lifted not just the storytelling but also became a hallmark conversation for diversity and inclusion representation issues in the media and entertainment industry.

The mark of Rita Moreno’s legacy on “One Day at a Time” can be no less explained in her very own words.