Why Did the Migos Break Up? What Caused the Split?”

Why Did the Migos Break Up? Rap group Migos first gave rise to breakup rumors in May 2022 when Offset and his wife Cardi B unfollowed Quavo and the late Takeoff from the group on Instagram.

Why did Migos split up when Quavo and Takeoff declared in October that they would challenge the group as a duo? Keep reading to find out everything we know. 

Why Did the Migos Break Up?

In 2022, there were rumors that Saweetie, Quavo’s ex-girlfriend, had cheated on her boyfriend with Offset, his bandmate, and the group began to show signs of weakness.

The well-known hip-hop group Migos was founded in 2008 and began to gain notoriety in 2013. Takeoff, Quavo, and Offset were the three rappers that comprised the group.

With their massive hit single Bad and Boujee, the group reached the top of the US charts in 2016. They continued to work with rappers Cardi B and Nick Minaj after Cardi B married member Offset in 2017.

But eventually, there were rifts and rumors of betrayal, and the group split up. Following this, some fans conjectured that the band had split up to become Quavo and Takeoff’s solo project.

This was verified when the two released their debut album together in October 2022.

Offset also proceeded to unfollow his former bandmates on social media following their announcement of their new musical endeavor, which they made without him and abandoned the Migos name.

No Migos member ever formally confirmed the reported affair. Despite this, Quavo dropped the song “Messy,” which some fans assumed to be about Saweetie cheating on him with Offset.

The Choice to Pursue Solo Careers

Takeoff and Quavo have made it clear that they value loyalty and family, but they have also made it clear that they would like to work together in their careers.

The members have made it clear that their decision to take a break is solely a result of the three brothers’ decision and has nothing to do with the label, documentation, or quality control.

Quavo has emphasized the value of remaining devoted to one another and their family. He has, however, also underlined their wish to view their career as a team.

Offset’s Silence

Fans are in the dark about Offset’s feelings regarding the split because he hasn’t commented yet. He may support Quavo and Takeoff’s choice to separate and pursue their solo careers.

Offset recently spoke out about his cousin Takeoff’s passing, who was also his bandmate.

In November 2022, Takeoff passed away, shocking the music industry and inspiring a flood of condolences from both fans and fellow musicians.

The Migos’ split is still a mystery, and it’s unclear why they decided to take a break. The group has, nevertheless, made clear how committed they are to one another and how much they want to work together in their careers.

Final Thoughts

Before Takeoff passed away, Quavo was questioned about the likelihood of the three musicians getting back together. He stated that he didn’t see the band getting back together on the Drink Champs radio show. regardless.

Notwithstanding what transpired, the musicians are leading fulfilling lives in the music business.