Why Did Viking Leave Mr Beast? What Were the Reasons?

Jake Franklin, best known as Jake The Viking or simply Viking online, is an American YouTuber who does challenge and vlog videos.

More often being referred to as one of the best friends of Jimmy Donaldson, he is most notable for his appearances on the MrBeast YouTube channel.

Franklin, however, left MrBeast’s team in 2020 and has since embarked on his journey as a content creator.

Why Did Viking Leave Mr Beast?

Jake the Viking left, according to its video, from the MrBeast team for personal reasons. As he told in the video, Jake wants to make a breath of fresh breeze in his life and spend his time more flexible and free.

Specifics were not given as to why he left though it is believed that he needed to venture into other things and so quit the Mr. Beast team just to broaden his field of expertise.

Why Did Viking Leave Mr Beast?

Jake Franklin, better known as Jake the Viking, is a member of MrBeast’s crew and often appears in MrBeast’s challenge and charity videos. The characteristic of this person is that he ennobles the content in which he takes part with indomitable, full-of-life character.

Franklin joined MrBeast’s team in 2020 and made a real buzz thanks to his fun and comic cringe actions.
Being a part of MrBeast’s crew, Franklin took part in numerous challenging activities: starting from endurance tests to colossal philanthropic projects.

Having said this, he demonstrated his amazing physical as well as mental capacity under the conditions requiring extraordinary efforts and proved that he is a hard nut by everybody at work.

Final Thought

Jake separated from MrBeast since then and pursued his career. On June 1st, 2021, he came to Misfits Agency, a department under the label as the core of invention amid the esports and entertainment establishment Misfits Gaming Group.

A website Misfits Gaming describes that the agency “aims to bridge the gap between generational audiences and partners by creating authentic campaigns that resonate with Gen-Z and millennials.”

One of the reasons Misfits knew Jake was going to be a value to their team is that he resonates with audiences from Gen-Z and millennials. This is because today, some shift is between the Gen-Z kids and the millennial parents. Like Gen-Z members are known to spend more time on TikTok, millennials spend more of their hours on Instagram.